100 things about me

1. Everything I learned about running, I learned on the internet.
2. I can juggle three clubs at one time, and I’m working on the fourth, kind of.
3. I’m left-handed, mostly.
4. I used to wear glasses but my eyes fixed themselves and now I don’t.
5. Ever since I saw Dave Stoutland fall through the ice when I was about 10, I’ve been afraid of walking on frozen water, except at the indoor ice rink.
6. I can throw a boomerang (and have it come back) and I used to make them for money.
7. I once worked in a fish processing plant in Alaska and put dead, frozen salmon into plastic bags for 12 hours a day.
8. During one 8-hour shift, I bagged 14,000 salmon.
9. The plant manager said I was the fastest fishbagger he had ever seen.
10. This is not on my resume.
11. I have a passion for chocolate, worse than you could possibly imagine.
12. I can temper my own chocolate, and I’ve made over 800 hand-dipped truffles for weddings.
13. There are at least 50 pounds of chocolate in my house.
14. Everything I learned about tempering chocolate, I learned on the internet.
15. If I had my dream, I would open my own chocolate company.
16. I’m third generation American, but the first generation to be born with my last name, because its made up.
17. It’s a complex Sicilian family squabble.
18. I’m not affiliated with any political party, but I support free government assault weapons for the poor.
19. That’s a joke. Relax.
20. I have donated over 13 gallons of blood in my lifetime.
21. I’ve never been drunk.
22. I’ve never smoked, snorted, or injected anything.
23. I’m a pack rat.
24. I used to scuba dive, and I built my own underwater video camera housing.
25. I was trained to perform visual inspections on compressed gas cylinders.
26. I like living in the country, and I would die if I had to move back to the city.
26. I moved back to the suburbs.
27. I have used to have a truck.
28. I listen to country music.
29. There are no refrigerators on my porch, or cars on blocks in my yard.
30. I was hospitalized only once.
31. I once broke my big toe by dropping a weight on it, which created an in-grown toenail that became infected and took 3 years to heal.
32. During high school, a mysterious girl called me on the phone and said “I love you” in a tearful voice, and hung up.
33. I once spent a week in Liechtenstein.
34. I have a piece of volcanic ash from Pompeii that I picked up in the ruins while lecturing in Italy.
35. I have piece of coal from the Titanic that I bought in Chicago, and I’m certain its not fake.
36. I drink a lot of water.
37. There’s someone in Macon, Georgia with the same exact name as me (spelling and all) .
38. I love sushi.
39. I have no food allergies.
40. I’ve eaten Buffalo.
41. I once won a frozen turkey in a college pistol competition.
42. In high school I dated a girl from Australia.
43. In college I dated a girl from New York City.
44. In graduate school I married a girl from Massachusetts.
45. I have every letter my wife ever sent me.
46. I have three patents.
47. I once had to give a 5-minute speech at a press conference in Montreal.
48. I wrote it on the plane.
49. I was the only one speaking in English.
50. I’m afraid to fly.
51. The last time I flew was 9/10/01, 10:00 pm, from Albany, NY to Detroit, MI.
51. I’ve flown 7 times since 9/11 and I still hate it more than anything.
52. If I could do anything over again in my life, I would take a chair and beat the life out of the 7th grade class bully when his back was turned so he wouldn’t harass me or my friends anymore.
53. I’ve gotten over my anger. I think.
54. I used to know Tae Kwon Do.
55. I got a glue belt and never use it ever.
56. My Tae Kwon Do pants will never fit me again.
57. My favorite movie of all time is Groundhog Day.
58. I really like my driver’s license picture.
58. I really hate my new driver’s license picture.
59. My first car was a 15 year old ’75 Dodge Coronet Brougham that drank oil.
60. I’ve never been in a major car accident.
61. Or a fire.
62. Or a hurricane.
63. I’m afraid of lightning after being stuck outside in a horrible lightning storm.
64. I once worked at a summer camp and was a terrible staff member.
65. I can drive and dock a boat.
66. I traveled by boat the entire length of what remains of the Erie Canal, Albany to Buffalo.
67. I know all the words to American Pie, by Don McLean.
68. People frequently tell me that I look familiar, even though we’ve never met.
69. My wife said this to me the first time we met.
70. I look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.
71. I don’t have a TV, just a monitor for the VCR and DVD player.
72. I was a boy scout.
73. And a cub scout.
74. I still have my Pinewood Derby cars.
75. I drink skim milk.
76. The job I have now, was the only job offer I ever got after graduate school.
76. I got a new job, that’s the SECOND job offer I ever got.

76. I got another new job and that’s the FIFTH job offer I ever got!
77. When I was younger, I singed off my eyebrows trying to burn black powder with a magnifying glass.
78. When I was older, I singed off my eyelashes lighting a bonfire.
79. My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.
80. I have read the entire series of Dune, Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Harry Potter.
81. I used to play Dungeons and Dragons in High School.
82. No, it never involved anything more than sitting around a table.
83. I’ve seen the Statue of Liberty only once, and then from Newark.
84. I’ve visited the Washington DC monuments and memorials several times.
85. I’ve been to the Bunker Hill Monument and the Old North Church.
86. I’ve gone up in the CN tower in Toronto, and the Space Needle in Seattle.
87. I’ve never been to Disney World, but I’ve been to Florida three times.
88. I can drive a car with a manual transmission.
89. All my vehicles have been automatic.
90. The most famous person I ever met was the local weatherman.
91. I was on Korean TV once, but I never saw the broadcast.
92. I almost crashed my car on the morning of my wedding.
93. It was a loaner car from a priest and the brakes failed.
94. That priest is now a woman. I don’t think its related.
95. I’m amazed that I was able to come up with 95 things about me.
96. I’m easily amused by very stupid, childish things.
97. Some people would tell you that I am more annoying than entertaining.
98. Some people would tell you that I am very cynical.
99. I have a great idea for a children’s book series.
100. Some day I will run I finished a marathon two marathons.


  1. Did you know there is an oraganized charity run that does the stairs in the CN TOWER. Cool huh?
    And I will be needing some truffles.

  2. My dad used to drive a ’70 red Coronet, was a pretty car.

  3. So … was that before or after you dated his sister?

  4. Jon, that was a very interesting post. I think the cooles thing is the three patents. I was thinking of patenting my couchmobile.

  5. Fabulous post! Fascinating stuff really.

    And I too know all the words to American Pie. One of my all time favorite sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-in-the-car songs.

  6. That was priceless. Make a person think about their life’s work – so to speak This was most entertaining Jon. Thanks a bunch!

    How long did this take you? I’m thinking it would take me quite a while to come up with a fun, interesting list like this!

  7. Oh – and good going on the blood donor thing. I used to donate whenever I could, but I’m not allowed to any more – lived in England for (way) more than 3 months, and everyone’s got mad-cow-paranoia. Never mind that I’m a lifelong vegetarian…

  8. I think I’m falling in love with you!!

    HA HA HA! I read parents!
    I was like…ohh three parents…hmm.
    HA HA! I am such a moron.

  10. That was great Jon, I loved it. Granted I got ‘underwear’ video camera versus ‘underwater’ the first time around…what a goofy girl I am sometimes. LOL :)

  11. I admire *anyone* who can finish a “100 thing” essay.

    Very interesting reading. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Wow. Your 100 Things list totally kicks my 100 Things list’s ass!


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