Sorry for the delay

I’m so very sorry for the incredibly rude delay in posting. I had to go out of town and the internet access wasn’t available. Well, actually it was but it cost so damn much I didn’t want to pay. Again, sorry for not updating.

I was in Toronto for a week of super special training. Super special because 1) only 1 other person is as qualified as me and 2) nobody else wanted to go because it would mark them as the loser who had to go to this training. Loser = me.

Toronto is far too much city for me. There’s about 150 million people living there and I know because every single one of them was walking on the street at 5:00 pm. I swear I was going to have sensory overload if I didn’t get off the street. And the shopping mall is underneath the city.

I got a chance to go up in the CN Tower which was very cool. All those people looked like little ants. There’s a glass floor in one section and it gave my stomach a real jump to walk over it.

I hate traveling because I always am so exhausted after spending a week eating fattening food and getting no sleep in hotel beds. I feel like I need a serious vacation.

Running. Good news. Monday I ran 6.5 miles, 9:14 pace, and no pain at all! I stopped because it was so tired I wanted to die. The gym at the hotel was in this tiny room and there was no fan. With 10 of us in there, the place was hotter than blue blazes and I just couldn’t take it longer than an hour. And the treadmill shut off after 1 hour too. But no pain. None.

Then Wednesday I ventured outside and ran IN THE CITY! That was a wild experience. Dodging in and out of the people and cars. It was tough doing the stop and go thing for the lights. The funny thing was that nobody seemed to notice me. Idiot guy running on the sidewalk. Everyone was oblivious. Eventually, I got down to the waterfront along the lake and it was real nice down there. Lots of joggers.

I ran about 4.5 miles but it was hard to tell because my Ghostrunner locked up for a while. I’m guessing I lost 1/2 a mile. The cool thing was that I had forgotten my cho-pat strap, and there was NO PAIN AT ALL!.

I’m thinking I am over the hump for knee pain. I need to get back to the weight training this week but I may try running without the strap for a while. I wanted to wait until I had reached my abductor weight goal first, but maybe I will start now because I hate wearing it.

Today is the CRIM but I’m not running. I didn’t get in until 11 pm last night after a 7 hour car ride. Add 2 hours for leaving Toronto at 5 pm. Stop and go all the way to Hamilton. Just shoot me. Even so, I’m not ready for 10 miles yet. Can’t tell you how very bummed I am about it. Its supposed to be a great event. Maybe next year.

Good luck at the CRIM, Christian!

And if Lily and Dean are running, good luck you two!

OK, so now I have no races coming up and no goal. I’ve been toying with the idea of the Detroit 1/2 marathon. October 24th I think. I have about 8 weeks. So I would be in week 8. Its not a bad place and I think I can jump right into the schedule where it is. I would need to make sure I am not pushing it too hard. The individual distances are not a problem, but the weekly mileage ramping up may have a cumulative effect on my ITB. Well, we’ll just go easy and see what happens.

Ok, that’s it for this AM. I’d like to go run today but there’s a huge lightning storm (welcome back to MI). Maybe the gym. I’ve got visitors coming this week so I need to clean my messy house and I also may not be able to post too much. Apologies in advance.

Now I need to catch up on all the blogs!


  1. Welcome back Jon! Glad to hear about your happy running experiences, while traveling for work no less!

  2. Hooray for no pain! That’s the great thing about pain – it makes you really appreciate no pain.

  3. Hey! You were just around the corner from me! I live less than an hour from the CN tower!

  4. Just good to have you back Jon! It’s funny how you and others have felt a need to apologize for not writing! Just shows what a good little community we have going here.

  5. Sounds like you are doing some great healing. and in regards to Toronto being too much city? Huntsville has 160K people and thats about all I can handle…I think Toronto would kill me.

  6. Big Jon….the Crim was a killer…you didn’t miss anything….crappy weather and way too humid. I died at the five mile mark and crawled in. I did sign up for the Free Press Marathon today…my last chance to crack the ever-elusive three hour marathon!!

  7. hmmmm MIA again.
    How’s the IT band?