A very tough 12 miles

Saturday I did an hour of crosstraining instead of my long run, due to scheduling issues.  I ran my 12 mile long run yesterday.  Only the second time I’ve run that far.  Coming off a week of little running, and having missed the previous week’s long run due to the race, this was a very big jump for me.  I probably should have cut it back to 10, but then after you do 10, you think “what’s 2 more miles?”.

I really killed myself out there.  I even took it very slow.  I tried to hold a 10:00 pace and I took a short walking break every 3 miles.  Actually, the walking break was a walk to the restroom.  I do not have this hydration thing under control, which is funny because I didn’t need the restroom during the 1/2 marathon.  During this run, I definately needed 3.  I think I was planning for hotter weather and it turned out to be 60 with light drizzle and cloudy skies.

My legs were pretty darn tired at the end.  My hips were starting to get sore (and that’s what’s sore today).  My shins were a little sore, but no different from any of the other long runs.  That is, the pain didn’t get any worse with the longer distance.  I thought about Chris running through some trail somewhere and tried his “Shut up!” inner voice to keep the cranky legs quiet.  If I don’t have his stamina, at least I can borrow some of the mental tricks. 

I tried to make sure I ran more upright.  I tend to get bent over the more tired I get.  Looking down at the pavement.  No wonder my lower back ends up hurting.  I think about that shot of Alberto Salazar at the 1983 Boston Marathon.  Head up.  Shoulders back.  That’s me.  Ok, that’s not me, but it keeps me thinking about better form.

Total time, 2:07, which included the bathroom breaks.  Ghostrunner says it was 12.3 miles, which might have been due to the bathroom.  A rough estimate puts it close to there.  I’m actually not that far off from the 1/2 marathon time.  Considering this time I was running alone and didn’t have my coach telling me to get moving after the water stops, I think I did OK.

Yes, the Ghostrunner is back from Garmin.  I still get errors when I try to download the data to my PC.  I reloaded the new software 3 times, resetting the Ghostrunner each time, reloaded the Logbook software 2 times, loaded Logbook on a different computer, reformatted my entire hardrive and reloaded all the software (yes, I did), and swore alot.  Now it gives me a different error, but if I unplug it from the computer just before I download, I can download it once without errors.  Sigh.  I guess I’ll take what I can get.  For those of you considering buying one of these, make sure you register it right away so that the warranty is good.

Today is rest day.  We are going to the water park, but I’ll be spending most of the time sitting in an inner tube.  Unless it rains.

I spent some time on Saturday and today working on teaching my son to ride his bike.  Looks like he’s got it down.  The stops are a little rough sometimes, but most of them are smooth.  He needs to lighten his grip on the handle bars a bit.  He got a blister from holding them so tightly.  Relax!  I suppose it won’t be long before he’ll be riding no handed with his feet on the seat.  Then I’ll wish for days like this again :)