I had a dream last night.

I dreamt I was running in a marathon. It was through some old part of Europe, where the cobblestone streets were really narrow with houses on each side, like a Charles Dickens story. I was running up some very hilly areas but, very very fast!

There was a couple that had gotten married and were “in” the marathon. I knew them in the dream but I have no idea who they were. They were both wearing tuxedos and top hats, with white shirts and bright orange cummerbunds. They would move to certain stops along the route and set up a station where they greeted the runners. I asked them if they were going to run in it and they said “No, we’re big babies, we’re not running.”

At one point I was running next to this really old guy and he knew people in the houses along the streets. While I ran with him, I was carrying this huge piece of cardboard that was hard to manage as it blew around in the wind. The guy enventually stopped to talk to friends in one of the houses and I ran on alone.

I kept stopping to talk with people along the way. Then after a few minutes I would remember that I was in a race and I would hurry to catch up to where I was. I ran so fast! I didn’t have that feet-in-the-mud feeling that I get in dreams sometimes when I’m running away from some demon (giant stay-puft marshmallow man?). It was effortless and so speedy.

Then I woke up.

Alarm clock wasn’t set.

7:00 am. Need to leave for work in 30 minutes. Argh.

I would have cut off my thumb to go back to sleep :)

In other news, I bought that cheap digital camera last night. I’m hoping its not a collosal mistake. I noticed that the expensive ones had much higher capabilities, but this one is even higher than the one our office uses, and that one takes great pictures. We’ll see. I’ll try and take a picture of the “free wud” sign on the way home. I think all the wood is already gone this week (what with it bein’ friday and all, an’ burnin’ starts tomorra’). Maybe I’ll get lucky. UPDATE: Just tried it out. Garbage. Oh well. I can take it back. And buy another one! :)


For my extra rest day, I went back to the park with my 20 ft extension ladder and my 20 ft tree trimmer to retrieve our lost rocket. It took alot of coaxing and a small amount of quiet swearing, but I got all the pieces down. Some reassembly required. I really wrenched my legs and arms trying to yank this thing down from so high up, but I feel like it was really important to not let another rocket get away, especially the same one we lost the first time. And when you can see it hanging up there in the tree, it makes it even more annoying. Trying to be the Daddy hero and get the rocket back.

The GhostRunner arrived in Kansas at Garmin at 9:15 AM yesterday. Hopefully, they are working on it at this very moment and deciding to send me a brand new one (sans spiritus) and a free subscription to Excorcist Quarterly. I think Marshall said that his took about a week and a half to get back. I hate waiting, but hopefully it will go by quickly.

Today is the official rest day. Resting, resting, resting.