Catch Your Breath 10K

The Catch Your Breath 10K was yesterday at 8AM, which was a normal starting time but since I live over an hour away, I had to get up before o’dark thirty get there in time to pick up my packet and stretch and all that.

We had really good weather. Overcast and about 65-70F by the time we started. It was a little humid, but not to bad. I had been careful about my water intake and didn’t need to stand in the giant line at the port-a-potties just before the start. I saw one woman some running out the door just as the gun went off.

Not a very big race. I estimated 300 and it turned out there were 310 in the 10K. There were some people there for the 5K which started later.

I wore my GhostRunner to see how it did with the mileage (which turned out to be not so good). The GhostRunner said that the marked miles were longer than the race said. I had set the Virtual Partner to a set distance and pace. According to GhostRunner, we made our goal and I beat him by 0.1 miles and that we actually went 6.5 miles instead of 6.2. I screwed up recording the data from my other watch so I lost all the split information based on the race markers (I need to get the computer uplink so I don’t do that again).

The GhostRunner gave me the following info:

lap 1: 7:47 (too fast down the hill!)
lap 2: 7:59 (getting better)
lap 3: 7:48 (too fast again)
lap 4: 7:48 (again?)
lap 5: 8:13 (this is almost right on)
lap 6: 8:38 (slowing down going up the hill)
lap 7: 4:15 (last bit of the race)
total time: 52:32
total distance 6.52
average pace was 8:03 (according to Virtual Partner)

I set the GhostRunner to mark each lap as 1 mile automatically in case I forgot to hit the button at the mile marker. I also set up the Virtual Partner to run at 8:10 pace for a 10K. In the future I won’t set the mileage for the Virtual Partner. Maybe time and pace (need to pick two out of pace, distance, and time). Maybe I’ll use the pace alert.

The last lap was the short because the GhostRunner said I had reached the end but kept on recording until I pressed stop after the finish line (add maybe 30 seconds as I wandered in a daze momentarily).

The final times matched the race results (or very close) but the mileage is way off. I would think the Ghostrunner would mistakedly say the mileage was shorter, not longer, if trees were interfering as we snaked around through the neighborhood.

And the official results? 52:02, with an average pace of 8:23. I came in 10th out of 24 in my age division, and 115th out of 310 runners.

I was really exhasted on this run. I had that same feeling like the 5K, where I wanted to drop at any minute, especially the last two miles. Some woman was running with a stroller and passed me after mile 5. I’d like to think she just jumped in at the middle. In the last mile, if someone had pushed me, I would have fallen right there and not been able to get up.

Surprisingly, I had no complaints from the shin for the entire race. Not a peep. Today is a different story, but the race was relatively pain-free (if you don’t count the I’m-going-to-die-if-I-don’t-stop-now feeling).

There was a short turn just before the finish and there was an older guy there cheering people on. I had talked to him earlier and he siad he was 58 in 1980 when he had bypass surgery but he looked more like he was in his 70’s. He was running or walking in the 5K. Damn funny guy. He was so funny cheering on people as they rounded the turn I couldn’t help but laugh despite feeling like I wanted to die. There a photgrapher taking pictures on the turn and heard her shutter just as I was laughing. I think they must be working together.

There were alot of very fit looking people at the race and I was beginning to wonder if 1) I had picked an extremely competitive local race and 2) if I was going to be the last guy crossing the line. There were two teenage girls stretching and jogging before the race and they looked like those dreaded people that fly by you on hills (see 5K report). Well, around mile 4 I came up behind one of them and she was clearly dragging along, not doing so well. She ended up finishing about a minute behind me, but the funny thing was that she finished 2nd in her division! She was laughing about it when they posted the results and saying how glad she was that everyone else stayed home. Even so, she still ran great and she deserved the hardware*. (*hardware – cool racing term that elite runners use to describe medals or trophies won for placing in a race)

I was surpised to see a few people walking back on the course. Looked like pulled somethings. They all seemed to know alot of the runners because they were talking to them as they ran by. Gotta be tough to walk back the miles with something injured. There were cops and race officials at the curves so maybe they got a ride back.

Snacks? Dasani water, soy nuts, bananas, and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I had my water and bananas but skipped the trans fat filled doughnuts. This is no time to get weak. There were drinking fountains running on one side, like little park fountains, so you could just walk up and have a drink without turning a knob. They also had a chiropracter’s office giving out free spinal checks. The excetionally fit young woman asking people if they wanted a free check, seemed to get the best response from the men ;)

My T-shirt turned out to be fluorescent green/yellow. Like a highlighter. It said it was some wicking polyester stuff but it was thick like cotton and soft, not that tough feeling like the running shirts. Maybe I should try it on a short run and see how it does.

I’m not sure how I feel about the race. I really wanted to keep on the same (graduated) pace from the 5K. Ghostrunner says I did, but the race results say otherwise. I’m thinking GhostRunner is wrong, given its past history of screwing up. Either way, its still a damn good time for me and, since its my first 10K, its an automatic PR! Onward!