3 miles today on the ‘mill.

I ran my three miles at the gym today. It looked like rain was coming and I wanted to take my son to a magic show at the library. Did I mention I have vacation this week? I do. Not just blowing off work.

My legs were a little tired, and the right shin was still sore, but no sharp pains. In fact, it didn’t really hurt much in the evening yesterday or this morning. I also did my lower body weight training, so the shin is sore now.

I was hoping to go to the runnner’s clinic to night but their trainer/ortho/running dudes are busy with the Olympic teams this week and next week. The nerve.

No beeping all last night from the GhostRunner, and I even wore it while I drove to the gym to try and put more info into the memory to make sure the problem isn’t creeping back up. All’s ok so far.

The 10K is Saturday and I’m pretty sure I’m not the least bit prepared. I feel so tired and the legs aren’t really doing stellar interms of stamina. No doubts about finishing but the time isn’t going to be as good as I did in the 5K. Oh well. Onward!