Blogger still dead?

In case anyone can reach this post, here is the problem with the blogger pages here and elsewhere. They’re working on it.

Ran 3 miles at the park. I was scheduled for 2.0 but I wanted to try out my latest fix for the GhostRunner. The techs sent me an email asking me to try resetting it (did ya try rebooting?). Basically, it wipes the memory clean and it reloads the program from scratch (off the chip?). So I did that, then recharged the batteries, then did it again.

The park run went well, although the GPS kept losing the signal. We had heavy clouds and I wonder if that was the issue. I’ve left it off all day within earshot to see if it tries turning on again. Last time it took a longer use time before the issue came up. I’m hoping that it was a software glitch and not the physical device. Although, it seems odd that a software glitch could make it turn on by itself. Who knows.

Hope everyone’s week is going well.