OK, Lara, here’s the FULL history!

Lara mentioned the electronics freaking her out. Whether she is kidding or not, there is more to this…(insert lightning and spooky music).

We’ve only lived in our current house for one year. The other house was in the city. An all brick Cape Cod built in 1947. The first year we lived there, really, really wierd things happened, and most of it had to do with electrical stuff.

First, every darn light bulb in the house burned out multiple times. I bought bulbs by the case. Once I watched a brand new bulb I had just put in, burn out as soon as I turned the light on the first time. Went through two motion detecting outdoor floodlights and enventually had to leave them off because they would turn on and off every five minutes all night long no matter how I adjusted them. It was like living next to a runway. I checked all the electrical grounds in the house to see if that was the problem, but all A-OK.

Ok, so the lights suck.

Then all the smoke detectors began to fail. Battery operated. One by one they would just beep like their batteries were dead, even with brand new batteries in them. The carbon monoxide detector battery died as well. The 10 year carbon monoxide detector long life battery.

Maybe I bought cheap batteries.

I also found that voltage in the house fluctuated between 117 and 113 volts at 53 and 43 second intervals. I found this out because I had an electric aircleaner and I could hear it speeding up and slowing down all night long. I measured the voltage at the main line into the house and confirmed it, yet when the power company came to measure it (I made them come out three times, once in the pouring rain), there was never any change in voltage.

My voltmeter must be broken too.

I had electronic bathroom scales because I was losing weight and liked to graph it (its an engineer thing, leave it alone). I went through three of them because the first two stopped working. I had to replace their “lifetime batteries” too.

Cheap scales.

Then the 2 year old microwave died. And two portable CD player boomboxes, less than 1 year old, stopped playing CD’s. Lost two VCR’s, but one was 4 years old anyway. The other one was less than a year. The HP scanner almost lit on fire during a scan (big burning electrical issue).

Did I mention things began disappearing?

We lost the checkbook for 6 months and finally found it stuffed in a little crack just behind the doorframe to the bedroom closet. Our son was not old enough at the time to walk around by himself. We also lost two gift certificates to Home Depot and Old Navy that my wife had bought as Christmas gifts for some friends. Left them on the desk and they were gone. I found them almost a year later in the basement, in a closet under the stairs (that I keep closed up to keep the toddler/crawler kids out of) in a small pile on the floor with several metal spoons and forks.

I can’t count the number of times I would be woken up in the night by the sound of crashing pots and pans in the kitchen, only to go in there and find nothing wrong.

Last thing, we came home one day and I went upstairs and found the interior attic door wide open. Its a double door with latches only on the inside (house side). The exterior door was locked from the house side, but the interior door was wide open, which could only be done from inside the house. (yes, I did panic thinking someone had broken in) Nobody at home.

Didn’t have alot of luck with that house.

My smartass friend from Florida insisted it was haunted by an old couple that never got to retire to Florida like everyone else and they were mad about having to spend all eternity haunting a house in a miserably cold climate like Michigan. He said if I could transfer them down there, he would be happy to allow them to haunt his pool. When he came up to visit for a diving trip, I bought him a Ouija board keychain and told him I put the ghosts in the little drawer that held the pointer.

He took it back down to Florida and I think it was almost 6 months before I had to replace another light bulb.


We have a picture of my son sleeping on the sofa and somehow the camera messed up (no surprises there) and made this big bright streak above him. I told my wife that it was our ghost and I put it in a picture frame.

And now you know…the rest of the story.

This story is purely for entertainment purposes and in no way implies or infers that my previous house was inhabited by any persons, beings, or entities other than myself and my immediate family. Any and all claims by money grubbing lawyers to try and sue me for selling a house that presents the appearance of containing supernatural entities is null, void, and totally preposterous and they all can go take a flying leap off the nearest pier because there ain’t no such thing as real ghosts no matter what you saw on HBO.