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Running photos and Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Go ahead & Jump!

This photo was taken at the Calgary Roadrunners Confederation Park XC Relay Race. The race is run in teams of 3 with each runner completing about a 3.5k loop that includes two creek crossings. It’s always fun to watch each runner attempt the last crossing. Spectators yell out scores and boo those that don’t make a big splash or leap. This was one of my fav jumps this year.

Photo credits go to Kathy or Derek, not sure which one actually captured this great shot. You can check out more photos from this and other races on the CRR website.

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Photo of the Week: And the Sign Says…

What motivates you when your in a race be it a triathlon or running event? Do the signs of your friends and family keep you going or distract you?

The photo is a collage of signs myself and Karen’s family made to keep her going during the Alberta Challenge Triathlon. Karen was competing in her first Olympic Triathlon. More photos from the event available over at my Flickr site and you can read about the event on Karen’s Blog or mine.

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Photo of the Week: Just a little crowded, eh

This upcoming weekend I’m busy coordinating the volunteers for Calgary’s first Ironman 70.3 so I decided it was time to once again feature an Ironman photo.

The above photo is from the 2008 Lake Placid Ironman. It amazes me how anyone can swim any distance in such crowded waters. For sure a few have taken an arm or foot in the face or elsewhere.

Thanks go to Colin for sharing this photo on Flickr. Be sure to check out the rest of his photostream.

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Photo of the Week: Runners Along the Water

Running along the water’s edge almost always creates a cool photo. The reflection in this photo is so clear it almost appears as if you have a twin running upside down below you.

From my email: Dawn, I would be very happy to have you use my photo of runners along the water. Please credit it to me/my photostream. It is of a 10K run which is put on by the Holyoke, Massachusetts Elks Club which uses the money for various charitable causes. It takes place once a year on the saturday following Thanksgiving and is called the Talking Turkey Cross Country Run. Takes place at a reservoir on the hill above Holyoke. Quite a spectacular spot to run or observe. Thanks again, Jim

Thanks again Jim for letting us feature your awesome photo!

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Photo of the Week: How brave are you?

Are you brave enough to run in your underwear when it was snowing earlier in the day? Well in Calgary on June 6th some 1240 runners and walkers participated in either a 5k walk or 10k run as part of The Underwear Affair. Many wore long johns and tights under their underwear but a few brave souls dropped almost everything. In doing so some $850,000 was raised for research that will ulitmately benefit cancer patients throughout Alberta!
By the way I too was crazy enought to run in this event and you can read about it on my blog. While it had snowed earlier in the day we did have a brief period of sunshine for the duration of the race. The photo is courtesy of me and taken as I ran the 10k. More photos are on my Flickr Site.

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Photo of the Week: Winter Running

Well here in Calgary I had hoped snowy runs were a thing of the past but that was just wishful thinking on my part as several inches fell upon us yesterday. Now today’s featured photo is not a scene from Calgary but a wintery run in Boston.

Photo courtesy of mkrigsman. Be sure to check out his other photos over at Flickr.

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