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Flotrack Interviews Nobuya ‘Nobby’ Hashizume

Flotrack‘s Christopher Kelsall recently interviewed Nobuya “Nobby” Hashizume, a coach of the Lydiard method and one of the co-founders of the Arthur Lydiard Foundation. In the interview, they discuss the popularity and success of the Lydiard method, coaching in Japan and the United States, tricks to running fast, and why it’s important to do everything from the bottom of your heart.

Check out the interview here. Continue reading Flotrack Interviews Nobuya ‘Nobby’ Hashizume

New Design, New Features, New …

502859927_7f6e178c12.jpgTo start the year, we’re making some big changes here at CRN so, come on down and check things out. If you are an RSS subscriber, make sure you visit the site because there are quite a few features you won’t be able to see from Bloglines. In addition to a completely new look for the site, here is a run-down of what to expect: Continue reading New Design, New Features, New …