I’m Awesome Enough. How About You?

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confident-presentation-skillsOnce upon a time, I was a race junkie. More specifically, I was a marathon junkie. And even more specifically, I was a goal-setting, faster, longer, better running achievement junkie.

I racked up nine marathons, with the last one clocking in at my final goal of 3 hours, 30 minutes. It was a damn fine result if I do say so myself, especially for that 40 year-old version of myself. It’s an accomplishment that I’ll forever be proud of. Mission Accomplished.

But I paid for it with my health. It was over two years before I could run without making myself sick and, by then, the habit and desire were gone, and I was on a path toward weight gain and general poor health. Boooo.

Another seven years passed (I’m 49 now) and I recently (finally!) made a successful return to running. Ten months and 40 pounds later, and I’m back… only, not in the same way as once upon a time.

Now, I don’t need to race. I don’t need another notch on my belt. I just want to run, because it makes me feel good, and it’s just so much fun. I’m fit, I feel good, and that’s all I need.

I’m awesome enough. How about you?

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Also known as the "Running Blogfather", I'm a 40-something marathoner who has beaten stress fractures and terrible shin splints. Now I'm running double the mileage with no pain - and I'm getting faster. I love to talk about running form and Arthur Lydiard. I also enjoy taking photographs, have a beautiful (and very patient!) wife, and am the proud father of two crazy kids. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about the site.

  1. Jeffrey Smith on November 3rd at 4:01 pm

    Same boat, Blogfather! Now I workout because I enjoy it, not because I have specific goals, other than longevity =)

    When I transitioned to the ultra world, the desire for speed and notches on the belt faded into a pure enjoyment of my surroundings and the submersion into nature and the community.

  2. John Scott on November 9th at 4:47 pm

    This is great. The goal of becoming a better runner should be focused on maximizing enjoyment in the healthiest way possible. Love your attitude and congrats on getting to a great place!

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  5. Dawn on January 24th at 7:53 pm

    I am still a race junkie, I love being a weekend warrior. My times are nothing like what they use to be, not that i was ever one of the fast ones but I’m a turtle now that still love racing and and that is the highlight of dragging through my training runs every day.