Retail Therapy: The Grip V

The Grip V is a hand strap and card holder that attaches to the back of your smart phone. I’ve had the Grip V attached to my phone case for some time now. While it is handy for running, I find I still worry about my phone getting sweaty during my runs. No matter what you are doing, it is always nice to have an easy attachment for your phone.  I’ve used mine on the bus, subway, even in the bathtub! Find out more at

Additional Information on the GRIP  Card Case + Hand Strip

gripVThe Grip V was designed in NYC after they found a need to create a product that would make running around the city, West Side highway, and Central Park with their iPhone and key belongings easier. Specifically they wanted to carry their smart phone, metro card, and credit card without having to worry about dropping and being able to quickly answer a phone call or change a song easily.

This versatile iPhone accessory was created with two functions in mind. To make it much simpler to bring along a credit card, Metro Card, and ID and to help secure it to your hand so you can conveniently carry these items while running. Additionally the Grip V allows one to very fluidly switch music or take a call in the middle of a run.

Both of these things are normally nearly impossible to do when running with a smart phone in your pocket or strapped to your arm. This simple attachable card case + hand strap makes life easier especially when you are on the go. It’s perfect if you want to carry all your essentials with you all securely stored with your phone.

This product actually is much more useful beyond running and after thorough testing we found that it was a huge help while traveling in airports, going out to bars or clubs, going on hikes in the mountains, and just everyday general use. No matter what type of activity you find yourself in we believe that the Grip V will offer you extraordinary functionality through its ability to carry your essential items and help securely hold your smart phone in your hand. It is a very versatile accessory and is compatible with nearly all smart phones. We encourage you to try out Grip V and to help make your life simpler and more efficient.


4 thoughts on “Retail Therapy: The Grip V”

  1. I had not heard of the Grip V. Running with my phone and keys is always an issue for me. This sounds perfect. Although I agree I don’t like the idea of my phone getting sweaty in my hand but still this is the best option I’ve seen so far.

  2. That does make sense, I’d be concerned about my phone getting all sweaty especially after I’ve been running for awhile.

    But seeing as you say it has other functions in every day life outside of just running it might be useful. Considering buying one now!

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