Retail Therapy: OPEDIX CORE-Tec Compression Shorts

OpedixshortsAccording to OPEDIX, through science, and in conjunction with nationally recognized orthopedic laboratories, they have patented and perfected systems to help athletes and casual enthusiasts do what they love, with less bodily wear and tear and even less pain. They say their compression shorts are scientifically designed to improve core stability and balance while reducing lower back pain and the rate of core muscle fatigue. The technology built into every pair consists of scientifically designed tensioning systems to support the core and enhance hip and knee joint function for training, recovering and participation in physical activities.

Wow. Those are some pretty big claims for a pair of running shorts.

I was happy to receive the OPEDIX CORE-Tec Compression Shorts in the mail to review for OPEDIX for a couple reasons. 1) I experience a bit of lower back pain while on long runs and 2) I have given birth AND had my abdomen slashed open for a hysterectomy – any help in containing the abdominal area is greatly appreciated.

The first thing I noticed about the CORE-Tec shorts is how high they came up on my waist – which makes sense since they are “core” running shorts – but it did take a little getting used to and I had to resist the urge to roll them down. I would compare the fit to what I imagine wearing a girdle would be like, but after a while I did appreciate the compression to my lower core area. Another feature that I wasn’t sure about at first was the rubbery elastic around the inside of the bands of the legs, but again, I was pleasantly surprised and actually appreciated not having to hike down the shorts while running.

Overall, I really enjoyed running in these shorts. Did I notice a difference with my lower back pain? Yes I did, it was significantly less – but the pain wasn’t eliminated.  And it was fabulous to have my “mommy” tummy nice and tight. Mostly what I enjoyed was the overall feeling of abdominal control through the compression. I could actually feel my torso moving in conjunction with my legs – which was nice because I wasn’t worried about the bounce belly. Also, the shorts stayed in place eliminating the chub rub between my thighs. Running here is the stupid hot heat of Texas is near masochistic at times and any product that reduces or eliminates chaffing is high on the list in my book.

These shorts are made with the best materials and their construction is spot on. They wicked perspiration well, they stretched fabulously without losing their compression and they remained breathable during the extent of my runs. These compression shorts are a very well-made product and if you find yourself in the market for a new pair of compression shorts – I would certainly recommend you give these shorts a try. But do your research first; at $165 a pair these shorts are an investment.

More details from OPEDIX:


Founded in 2004, Opedix has been inventing technology to help active people stay active. Through science, and in conjunction with nationally recognized orthopedic laboratories, we have patented and perfected systems to help athletes and casual enthusiasts do what they love, with less bodily wear and tear and even less pain. Your body’s dynamic balance, strength and stability are our focus to keep your body in motion.


Don’t let the beautiful design of our products fool you. This gear is all about science. Your body’s kinetic health is a measure of how well and efficiently it moves when challenged with injuries, fatigue, and various other factors. Our systems help your body’s natural kinetic chain stay in alignment and remain optimized throughout any physical activity.


Opedix KNEE-Tec™ Tights and CORE-Tec™ Shorts have scientifically designed tensioning systems built within a comfortable, form-fitting base layer to enhance the kinetic functioning of your body. Working like an external muscle, a combination of fabric tensions help direct the body’s internal forces and optimize harmonious joint function in the body’s kinetic chain.

Product Features

  • 29-panel construction
  • 90% nylon, 10% spandex
  • Durable stretch draw-cord at the waist
  • Silicon elastic binding at the leg-openings to keep the shorts properly anchored
  • Moisture wicking to pull sweat away from the skin’s surface
  • Breathable fabric to help regulate temperature to burn less energy
  • Anti-odor fiber technology to reduce odor and preserve freshness


  • The shorts should fit snugly (similar to biking shorts) to provide the maximum benefit.
  • There should be minimal bunching.

Washing Instructions

  • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low or hang to dry. Do not use fabric softener. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.


  • Provide maximum support for lower back or hip pain during the following:  post-surgical rehabilitation, physical training, running, walking, hockey, yoga, biking, Pilates, tennis, golf, daily wear, and much more.