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This weeks photo was published by a friend, Jeff Da Runner, on Facebook in his “What the H— is She Doing” album and gathered a number of comments from runners who thought the lady on the cell phone was committing a big “No No”. So what do you think? It’s one thing to bring a phone a long for a race for emergencies or if you get lost but pulling it out on a busy finish line looks like more of a safety issue then those running with headphones on. Thanks Jeff for emailing me this photo.

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For several years the only running I did was to run the annual 10k race in the spring. I got my best time when I ran hungover on only a few hours sleep. Finally one year I decided maybe I should really pick up running again on a regular basis and attended a running clinic. After finishing the 10k that year I continued to train and ran my first half marathon. That was in 2002. Later in 2002 I moved to Calgary where my running friends nick-named me Pink Lady, Pinko, Pinky and finally Pink Chick simply because I almost always wore pink when I ran. Truth be known I wear it almost all the time. I ran, well mostly walked, my first marathon in 2003. Since then I've run a ton of shorter 5/10k races, 9 half marathons and I added a second marathon in 2007 when I ran the San Diego RnR Marathon. Today I still run. I'm slow but I'm still out there and lovin' it. Someday I hope to join the Triathlon world.

  1. Debbie on February 1st at 9:36 pm

    looking at the close-up, I’d guess that she’s not in the race, but is some kind of support person. I see credentials hanging around her neck.

    Debbies last blog post..The play’s the thing

  2. Don on February 1st at 10:31 pm

    I sure that she is taking a very important call. Probably has Putin on the hotline right now.

    Dons last blog post..Marketing 101

  3. Blaine Moore (Run to Win) on February 2nd at 5:53 am

    She doesn’t look like a runner; as Debbie said, she has credentials so she is probably some sort of support person.

    Also, I doubt that that is the finish line, it looks more like a checkpoint (half way, one of the 5k marks, etc) since nobody is slowing down after passing the mats.

    That said, what the hell is she thinking?!?

    Blaine Moore (Run to Win)s last blog post..Have You Ever Run With a Kenyan For Your Birthday?

  4. Duff on February 2nd at 7:14 am

    That is a support person. The Disney Marathon Weekend is real weird. I ran the Goofy and I brought my phone along just in case and so I could coordinate with my Athletic Supporters after the race. The real weird part is the that is it disney and camera phones are a part of the race.
    Many people stop and have a picture taken with the characters during the race. They are littered through out the course and can be a great help because there are portions of the parks with not Cheertators just staff. Still I could not bring myself to stop to take a picture with any of them. Not even the Incredibles. The tunnel with the Costuming was cool though. I did stop twice. Once in the half to make a deposit. And once in the Marathon to exchange my cap for my visor. Both cost me valuble seconds but not once did I use my phone till I had my medals in hand.

    Duffs last blog post..The Goofy race and a Half Challenge: Part 1-The Half

  5. Photography tips on March 5th at 4:51 pm

    That is a greta photo. You have to love people on thier cell phone who have no idea what is going on around them.

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