Olympic Dance-Off

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Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell of Jamaica are both teammates and rivals. They both have Olympic gold medals. They are the current and former world record holders in the 100 meters.

But can they dance?

Judge for yourself in this video of Bolt and Powell having a dance-off at a party sponsored by Puma after the Olympics.

There is a hi-res version on the Puma web site titled Chasing Bolt.

I’m guessing this is another area where U.S. track and field falls short.

Thousands have enjoyed the video on YouTube, but there are two people who didn’t like it at all: Powell’s parents, who are both church pastors.

“It makes me sad because I have a congregation that I have to preach to, and I don’t enjoy seeing him out there like that,” said Powell’s mom. “God gave him those feet to bring joy to the world, but not in that form of dancing.”

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  1. jeanne on October 19th at 4:51 am

    pretty darn scandalous!

    jeannes last blog post..‘Splain It to Me

  2. Crip walk on April 12th at 8:54 pm

    I love this youtube video!!!!!!!!!!