Retail Therapy: Oakley Half Jacket Sunglasses

Many athletes wear sunscreen to protect their skin but often neglect, or forget, to protect their eyes from the sun. UV radiation is one of the greatest threats to our eyes, with effects that are up to three times greater in the summer than in the winter months. The best way to protect your eyes is to wear sunglasses: brown, gray, or green lenses.

Oakley offers a variety of sunglasses that will protect your eyes and fit most any shape of face. I have a small face and I love the Oakley Half Jackets. The frame is lightweight and durable and has interchangeable nose pads, which keep the glasses from slipping off sweaty faces. The lenses filter out 100% of all UV and harmful blue light. Half Jackets can be fitted with prescription implants and are available in two lens sizes to fit different face sizes.

Oakley sunglasses come in a variety of colors and at a hefty price: $105.00 (US) for the Half Jacket style. Available online at the

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  1. Ummmmm… harmful blue light? Blue light isn’t harmful, but our eyes don’t focus it as well, so filtering it out might result in a _slightly_ sharper image. In my case, I don’t usually wear the contacts that I should, so filtering out blue light isn’t going to make a meaningful difference.

    Nice review, nice looking sunglasses. I just wanted to clear up a misconception that was probably the result of misleading marketing.

    Rob Campbells last blog post..NSFW

  2. Susan,

    While having nothing against Oakley’s, I think you need to try a pair of Aruba Sport sunglasses and give them a try. Aruba Sport is a local Dallas based company in McKinney, and makes great running sunglasses. Plus they are a great supporter of the local Dallas running scene and one of their athletes on the Hanson Running Team, Brian Sell, is running the Olympic marathon representing the USA in Beijing.

  3. I have to agree with Gary Adelman on the Aruba Sport glasses. Nothing againts Oakley as they have a great product but for running and cycling it’s Aruba for me.
    I bought a pair of the Aruba Wave 2 i which is the Interchangeable style at the RunOn Running Store and could not believe how clear the lenses were and how light the glasses were. They weigh less than 1/2 once (19 grms). A few things that really sold me was they have a lifetime warranty againts all defects including scratches! WOW! The other thing was the interchangeable style has 2 extra sets of lenses, a pouch to put them in, a strap to hold them on my head, a micro fiber cleaning cloth and a hard case to carry them in. The single pair of Oakleys sell for $105.00 I bought the interchamgeable with the 2 extra lenses for $99.95. It’s like I have 3 pair of glasses. Sometimes I forget that I have them on when I am running. Great Product!

  4. Tifosi Optics, Native Eyewear, Endurance Eyewear…Lifetime Warranty

    Endurance Sport Eyewear specializes in performance eyewear for active athletes. We offer running and jogging sunglasses, marathon sunglasses, skiing sunglasses and more. Created to optimize athletic performance – designed with a functional “cutting edge” look. Serious and casual athletes demand performance from themselves and the sunglasses they wear. If you exercise, train or perform outdoors, your eyes deserve the best.

    Fit, weight, durability, style and 100% UV protection (with or without polarization) are absolute essentials.

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