It’s Time to Change Your World

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change your worldWe’ve all done it. You get into the car and drive 2 minutes for a jug of milk, when it would have been just as easy, and healthier, to walk or cycle.

Today seems like a good day to vow to change your world. Sustrans, the UK’s leading sustainable transport charity, is sponsoring its second annual Change Your World campaign. The premise is simple. Swap one car trip between the 30th June and 5th July for a walk, bike ride, a trip on public transportation, or a carpool.

If you live in the UK, you can pledge your participation online and enter yourself into their prize draw. If you don’t live in the UK, it still seems like a good pledge to make. If you usually drive to work, is there another way you can get there? If you usually drive to the gym to run on a treadmill and lift some weights, why not run to the gym instead? If you are an employer, have you considered installing a shower in your workplace so your employees can choose an environmentally friendly and healthy way to get to work (without smelling out their co-workers, clients and customers for the day!)? Or, even simpler, plan ahead and condense multiple trips out into one trip. Or stick some cash in your pocket and pick up that loaf of bread during your cool down on your way home from a run.

There are lots of ways to reduce your mileage, if you think about it. If you start small, chances are, you’ll find this change isn’t that hard to make, especially with today’s rising fuel prices. If you’re like me, one week will turn into a year. And that could really make a difference.

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