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newspaper1.jpgOlympic Dreams

A number of periodicals covered the decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport to allow Oscar Pistorius of South Africa to compete in the summer Olympics. Pistorius, a double amputee, runs with carbon fiber prosthetics, called blades. In order to run in the Olympics, however, he’ll have to meet the Olympic “A” qualifying standard of 45.55 seconds for 400 meters, or at the very least, the “B” standard of 45.95 seconds. He holds the Paralympic world record in the men’s 400 meters with a time of 46.56 seconds. You can find the story from the L.A. Times here and the New York Times story here.

Paula Radcliffe of the UK has won every marathon she has entered save for one, the 2004 Olympic Marathon. She has to be considered one of the favorites for Beijing. Now the BBC reports that Radcliffe has suffered a muscle pull that is causing her pain in her left hip. The Times of London has an extended story that delves into the aftermath of Athens, training, and cheating.

Training News

The New York Times investigated what it means to have healthy muscles. The key is to engage in regular training, both cardiovascular and with weights. According to the article, healthy muscles “are those that have been worked, stressed and pushed to their limit so that they have enough power and strength to get you through life, especially as you grow older.”

Up Close and Personal

Nike has introduced “The Loop,” a talk show with the finest runners in the world. First up is middles distance runner Alan Webb. Stay tuned for Shalane Flannagan, who recently broke the American record for 10,000 meters. NBC Sports profiles Shannon Rowbury, who is looking to compete in the 1500 meters in Beijing.

This Week’s Must Read

Gina Kolata of the New York Times writes about the specificity of training. Triathletes benefit from cross-training, but in order to excel at a particular sport, then your training must focus on that specific activity. In other words, if you want to be a good runner, then run. According to one researcher, the training that “facilitate[s] performance for one event may actually undermine performance in another event.”

Quick Hits

The Los Angeles Times described exercises to keep the knees flexible. The L.A. Times also spotlights cargo carriers for bike travel. The sad story about Tim Montgomery, who went from Olympic champion to convicted criminal, also made news this week. He was recently sentenced to 46 months for fraud and faces additional charges for dealing heroin. The Las Vegas Marathon has received a lot of bad press. The 2006 was criticized for poor logistics and last year’s race lost money. According to KSWT, the race organizers have taken to selling assets to pay its bills. Finally, a columnist for the Ottawa Citizen describes his quest for an elusive PR.

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