Book Review: 26.2 Marathon Stories

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marathon stories book review

26.2 Marathon Stories is a lovingly crafted tribute from two authors who obviously have a deep, personal connection with marathoning. Kathrine Switzer (the first woman to race in the Boston Marathon) and Roger Robinson (who has set age group marathon records around the globe) have assembled a beautiful book. I suspect “beautiful” and “marathon” don’t often appear on your screen together, but I assure you that there is beauty aplenty in 26.2 Marathon Stories.switzer-kathrine.jpg

From history to heroes, from agony to ecstasy, from weekend road warriors to elite gods of running, much of what you’ll find in 26.2 Marathon Stories can be found by spending time (a lot of time!) scouring the web, but this book has it all packaged up in one beautiful place.

Of course, every good book has to have good writing and, rest assured, you won’t be disappointed here. The words in 26.2 Marathon Stories jump off the page to evoke a wide range of emotions. Some of the writing is simply … magical.

The magic doesn’t end with the writing. From the moment you glance at the cover, till the second you turn that last page, you’ll be captivated by tons and tons of beautiful illustrations and photographs – each one woven expertly into the fabric of the book’s message.

The message underpinning all this marathon beauty is a sense of awe, inspiration and wonder. The ink on these pages practically begs you to experience (or re-experience!) the marathon.

It’s a book that belongs on your coffee table. It’s a book even non-runners will enjoy. It’s a book that can inspire an out of shape couch potato to train for his first marathon. It’s a book that can re-ignite the fire in a seasoned athlete.

But don’t take my word for it – check out some other reviews at Coolrunning and Amazon.

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  1. Jeanne on May 13th at 7:58 pm

    great review! i want that book! it sounds TOTALLY inspirational. who knows, i might just go for it again. maybe. one day. next year.

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