Blowing the Cover Off Diva Night

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Until last week, I thought running was about shin splints, pasta, sweat, fartleks and “the wall.” Now I’ve learned that for some of you it’s also about clothes, jewelry, hors d’oeuvres, and fine wines.

At we have eyes and ears everywhere, so we utilized our vast network of spies to ferret out the truth about Diva Night, a women-only event sponsored by Fleet Feet Sports that seems to be catching on nationwide. I’ve found mention of it from Annapolis to San Francisco, from Orlando to Buffalo, with Tulsa and Knoxville thrown in for good measure.

The amenities vary by location, but usually include goodie bags, massages, appetizers, adult beverages, shopping discounts and a raffle. And of course, what female runners’ event would be complete without the ever-popular professional bra fitting?

Some stores go the extra mile and have jewelry, salon services, chocolate-covered strawberries or baby cupcakes. But clearly the great appeal of Diva Night is that no men are allowed, unless they’re doing your hair or serving drinks.

spa0612.jpgAs you can see from this photo collection from a Diva Night in Huntsville, Alabama, female bonding is a big part of it, with one participant in Orlando noting the absence of men “really changed the dynamic of the store.”

Fleet Feet’s motivation isn’t too hard to figure out, once you see the line of sated women at the cash register with arms full of athletic gear. But the other half of the population has money to spend, too. And that’s why those of us of the male persuasion should demand our own promotional night.

It will be doubly satisfying if we make it as stereotypical as possible, so I suggest we call it “Caligula Night.” It will be a testosterone-fueled amalgamation of Hooters, Gizmodo and the sports book at Mandalay Bay.

The possibilities are endless. Beer, buffalo wings, strippers, HDTV and motorcycles! And did you know that 70-99% of all men are wearing the wrong size shorts? I just made that up, but it’s a good way to sell shorts.

For myself, though, I’m holding out for an old-timers’ night (Emeritus Night?), which would include a comfy chair and a nap.

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I ran 6-minute miles when I was in the military, then tapered for 20 years. Two-time marathoner (3:43 PR), my next goal is to stay healthy enough to run another. There are literally thousands of people handing out running advice and serious tips. I prefer to focus on the humorous or odd facets of our shared obsession. Let's face it, running is funny.

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  1. Vanilla on May 2nd at 9:42 am

    I’m on board for Caligula Night, but perhaps we could arrange to have some “bra-fitting” activities at our night out too?

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