Why Was Steve Prefontaine Worshipped?

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I got this gem from David’s Flickr page and thought I’d share what he wrote me when I asked him for permission to feature it here.

Mark, I just now saw your nice words about my surreal encounter with Pre. You are welcome to use the pic and story on your web site. The thing that I think is so “Pre” about the picture is his enthusiasm and genuine knowledge of the moment. He was aware of what this picture meant to me even though I was just some12 year old from Louisiana and he just made history with the entire world of sports watching. He cared about his fans and it showed.

As you can see, Pre wasn’t just an amazing runner – he was also a very positive and willing role model.

David shares more about his moment with Pre on Flickr – just click on the pic to read about it. Thanks for sharing this with us, David!

steve prefontaine 3 mile championship

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  1. bryan on April 21st at 9:06 am

    What an incredible photo. Very cool. It’s not hard to imagine why Pre made such an impact on so many people.

    I made a website about Pre’s life here:

    It’s got a lot of cool stuff about Pre: a bio, photos, video, quotes, stats…but somehow I feel this picture sums up the man better than a bunch of words can.

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