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Read a couple of issues of any running periodical and you’re bound to pick up the sport’s basic training principles: get your shoes from a running store, alternate hard and easy days, and don’t forget to stretch. Lately, however, I’ve seen more articles taking on these hoary truisms. Last week the New York Times surveyed the literature on stretching and found a wide range of conclusions.

I’ll Get to that Report in Five Miles

Do you exercise at work? My workday is usually too unpredictable to allow me to dash outside for a midday run, but many people are fortunate enough to steal away for an hour or so to exercise. What happens if the person on the treadmill next to you is your boss? The Washington Post looks at the subtleties of office-gym etiquette.

High Tech = Big Bucks

Whenever I feel like buying the latest high-tech running clothing or training equipment, I remind myself that many great runners notched their greatest accomplishments using the most basic gear. Abebe Bikila won the 1960 Olympic Marathon on the cobblestone streets of Rome running barefoot. Roger Bannister broke four minutes for the mile training in cotton sweats. Business Week examines the race to produce the newest performance enhancing gear for elite and everyday athletes. It’s a billion-dollar business, where performance gains “strain credulity.” The Los Angeles Times surveys how technology has improved training equipment, such as treadmills. Imagine downloading your treadmill workout onto a USB flash memory stick, then uploading the data to a Web site to track your progress. Finally, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer examines the connection between music and exercise.

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

The last fortnight had two very different articles on shopping for bicycles. The Los Angeles Times showcased different mountain bikes. At the other end of the spectrum, the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) had a good piece about what to look for in a stationary recumbent bicycle.

International Competition

Earlier this month the World Indoor Track and Field Championships were held in Valencia, Spain. This weekend the World Cross Country Championships will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland. Take a look, get inspired.

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