Retail Therapy: Illumination Required

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Petzl Zipka headlampYou know what? Retail therapy is a little difficult if you’re in a hospital bed with broken legs because a car ran you over while you were playing Ninja runner the other morning. That’s why I’m a big supporter of all things big, bright and extra-sparkly!

This neon green Petzl Zipka Plus Headlamp is compact, waterproof and comes in a wide angle beam that allows you to see the road and others to see you. It’s mounted on a retractable cord, or it can be worn around the wrist or fuel belt.

Great for road and trail running, available at the Running Warehouse for $34.95 (US).

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  1. Turi on March 13th at 4:45 am

    I’ve had a couple of these over the past few years, and I love them for backpacking and general use. Not sure I’d wear it running, though. The retractable cord on mine doesn’t seem like it would be strong enough to keep it on my head, with the jostling of running.

  2. Steve on March 13th at 6:25 am

    I love my Petzl Headlamp although I can’t remember what model it is to be honest.

    It’s great for post sundown evening runs and I’ve even used it for early morning track workouts where it lights up 2 or 3 lanes of the local high school track!

    Also, no matter how hard I run, it always stays in place…


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  3. Blaine Moore (Run to Win) on March 13th at 6:29 am

    I use a cheap head lamp that I picked up at Home Depot a couple of years ago. It works pretty well, although I’d like to get one that has the batteries at the back of the head at some point since it can get a little heavy on longer runs. Works fine for the most part though.

  4. Duff on March 15th at 8:35 am

    Since I run at 0 dark 30 I am always aware of how others see me. I like bright colors any way but I found a fleece Hunters vest which is fluroescent orange. That with my Road ID FireFly on my wrist and most everybody can see me in the dark. Also, bike jersey tend to have reflective portions that help for those long early morning runs.

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