Retail Therapy: Men’s Bamboo Tee

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shopping.jpgAdmit it: You’re a sucker for a multi-faceted product. I saw this tee and I was immediately intrigued with the fabric. It’s made of bamboo?! How odd, but apparently the bamboo fabric helps control odor, gives protection from the sun, and keeps you ventilated. That’s three features in one shirt! Plus, you also get 360 degrees of reflectivity. Four features! And the best part, it’s biodegradable. (Do the math.) So there is no guilt when you heat up during your race and need to toss that shirt aside.

This shirt is so hot it’s cool.

The Bamboo Biocool Tee, available in red, yellow and blue for $41.99 US at New Balance.


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I am a runner.I run to keep myself on track physically, mentally, and to ensure I do not spend all my money on shoes.

  1. Gus on February 28th at 6:40 am

    I only wish I were wealthy enough that I could toss $41.99 to the curb without guilt!

    All the same, I love your articles.

  2. 21stCenturyMom on March 1st at 10:58 am

    Agreed – at $42 bucks a pop I’m thinking that’s a shirt you need to tie around your waist – unti it is full of holes at which time you can toss it in the compost heap!

  3. Rahn on March 2nd at 11:49 am

    Cool idea, but it’s on the border of too expensive, whether I’m tossing it out or not.

  4. JOhn on March 18th at 9:37 pm

    I wont be throwing the shirt away – but they wear well they washe well and they fit well – so the price is not to much for a nice running shirt – that may be a little “green”.

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