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newspaper1.jpgWhere do you buy your shoes? One of the oldest pieces of advice passed along to new runners is to buy your shoes at a running store. They have the staff and resources, the argument goes, to ensure that you pick the right shoe for you. What few people mention is that most of their prices are lousy–most of the running stores I know charge the full MSRP. Instead, I buy my shoes online and take advantage of discounts and free shipping. The New York Times looks at how local running stores are being challenged by the Internet and the rise of bigger national stores.

Another old chestnut? Be sure to stretch after you run to speed recovery. The Times also surveys the literature and concludes that stretching does not reduce the risk of injury or affect muscle soreness. So much for that. The Los Angeles Times had a short article exploring what causes side stitches. Bottom line: No one knows why they start or how to stop them.

High Tech Gear…and Food

When I started running, I used to wear those white gardening gloves to keep my hands warm. How times have changed. Gloves are now as technically advanced as other running gear. The New York Times reviews gloves designed specifically for running. The Los Angeles Times examines how to incorporate heart rate monitors into your training and has some tips on how to choose one. The Guardian surveys the importance of clothing in different sports and highlights what the technologically savvy athletes will put on in Beijing.

You buy clothes in a specific size, and you may even have a suit made to order. Why not customize your food, too? The Los Angeles Times profiles You Bars, which makes nutrition bars to order ($40 U.S. for 13). A small company in Los Angeles allows buyers to blend fruit, protein, and vitamins to come up with their own energy bars.

Be Prepared!

This weekend is the 22nd running of the Los Angeles Marathon. The Los Angeles Times has a number of great articles on the race and racing. One piece discusses “hitting the wall,” another describes the course along with tips and pitfalls to avoid. My favorite was how to prepare in the week leading up to the race. A short piece showcases some helpful gear, like electrolyte strips. Finally, runners discuss their high and low points in previous L.A. Marathons.

Quick Hits

The Olympics are only five months away. The Boston Globe notes the resurgence in American distance running, from the 1500 meters to the marathon. Last fall the Seattle Times reported that not one cent of the standard entry fees runners in the Seattle Marathon paid went to the affiliated charity. The only money the University of Washington Medical Center received was $12,000, and that came from “extra” contributions that runners tacked on to their entry fees. This week the newspaper reported that the university had decided to remove itself as the title sponsor of the race.

This Week’s Must Read

The New York Times spotlights the Wings of America, a group of American Indian runners from around the country. The group trains runners, but it also help strengthen communities. The article notes the shockingly high rates of suicide, alcoholism, and diabetes on the reservations, and the group’s efforts to promote healthy living through fitness.

  1. Annalisa on February 27th at 7:10 am

    Great roundup. And thanks for all the links!

  2. Duff on February 27th at 8:34 am

    Stick with those white gardening gloves. They still work real well. Almost to point of being better. An added bonus is at about $6 for five pair you don’t mind so much when you loose them.

    Duff’s last blog post..The big psyche-out of the Taper

  3. Gus on February 27th at 9:34 am

    If the side stitch is towards the front of your lower abdomen it is very likely caused by gas. If you burp or fart you will see almost immediate relief. I know this for a fact through my own empirical analyses. I apologize to any of you who may have been behind me at the time.

  4. Mom On The Run on February 27th at 8:38 pm

    Thanks for all the reading material!

  5. JOhn on February 29th at 8:24 pm

    Love running stores but once i find a shoe that works – i buy the next pair or pairs online for less!