The Boston Marathon – Time Machine

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This remarkable film clip shows Bill Rodger’s 1979 Boston Marathon win

What I find truly remarkable about this is that in 1979 course support was sporadic, Gatorade was probably the only ‘sports drink’ in town, running shoes were way less high tech (Nike had just invented the ‘air Nike’), we knew a lot less about nutrition and training and yet he he finished this race in a time that would make an athlete proud today. The all time record is not far off Rodger’s 1979 finishing time. It sort of validates the notion that if you’ve got what it takes it really isn’t about the shoes or the heart rate training or the carbo loading and coaching – it’s about the talent and the drive.


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  1. Jeanne on February 24th at 6:38 pm

    totally awesome!

  2. jonathan on February 25th at 7:28 am

    awesome – This gave me goose bumps on my neck.

    It was about this time that my Dad got into running and by default got me into it….

    Interesting comments about the gear. I remember going all over town with my mom looking for a long sleeved T shirt for Christmas. He thought he had got the moon on christmas day.

    The same T shirts are now given away at almost every race and I guess most of us have a few used as car dusters….

    jonathan’s last blog post..Pose running or chi Running?