Your Running News Roundup

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How are you doing on your new year’s resolutions? Chinese New Year arrived on February 7, so think of it as another chance to get a fresh start. The Age (Australia) has a good piece about the role the mind plays in exercise. Setting realistic goals and creating accountability are key toward improving your fitness, the article notes. Speaking of China, the Times of London has a fascinating story about the growth of sports in China. Prior to 1984, China had never won an Olympic medal. In 2004, it won 34, only four fewer than the United States. How did that happen? The New York Times had an article about how many athletes will bring their own food to China because of concerns about local sources. Finally, if you can’t make it to the Olympics, why not run the Great Wall Marathon? Check out the Reuters story about the race.

Lots About Motivation

The Los Angeles Times had a short piece about how a daily reminder to exercise from your PDA or cell phone might help you stick to your training regimen. MSNBC also has a short article about ways to get motivated. In my last roundup, I included an article about how friends might hold you back in training. This week I found an article from The Age about how training with a friend might benefit both of you. One partner helps motivate the other. I found another article on running and yoga. One instructor notes that yoga helps not only by improving flexibility, but by improving breathing and posture too. The New York Times also has a story about personal training as a group, and how it can help with motivation.

Running on the Radio

The CBC radio show Inside Track had two stories about running. One report examines the effect of civil unrest in Kenya on the sport’s great runners. The other is a profile of Canadian hurdler Perdita Felicien, one of Canada’s great hopes for an Olympic medal in Beijing.

You Think YOU’RE Busy

It’s important to stay focused, even when traveling for business. Infectious disease specialist Charles Van Der Horst writes a short piece in the New York Times about how he stays fit while logging thousands of miles a year. Bottom line: you have to be a little crazy.

It’s Never Too Late

I am going to start designating one article each week as my must-read. If you have time to read only one article, make it this one. Gina Kolata of the New York Times has a fascinating piece about what happens to the body as it ages. Yes, you get slower, but not as much or as rapidly as you might think. One man started running at age 62 and ran his first marathon in under 3:30! As one researcher says, “train hard and train often.”

Quick Hits

The Los Angeles Times had an entire section devoted to triathlon training last week. Articles covered choosing gear, training, and coaching. The Times also had a helpful primer on heart rate monitors.

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