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little miss runner pantsIf you’re one of the people I love – aka one of our members – AJ made something for you. Do you know Little Miss Runner Pants? She’s fabulous. Of course, she’s a member of the community, but she’s also a wonderful, fantastic, talented, hawt, runner, biker, swimmer and overall stupendously terrific person and graphic designer extraordinaire. Anyway, AJ the magnificent has made these wonderful blog badges for us – for you to put on your blog. Isn’t she the BEST? Isn’t she, like, totally awesome?! Go thank AJ and then come right back here and steal one of these badges …brought to you by wunderkind AJ.

These badges were made for you as a way to point people to your CRN profile (here’s 21stCenturyMom’s), but they are also known to have magical speed and distance enhancing powers. In other words, you will instantly become a better runner by putting one on your blog. That’s right, forget the long runs, forget the interval training – just get one of these.

Note: Please ignore the fact that this is also a fiendishly clever way to get you to join us.

160 Pixels Wide
Complete Running Member Profile

200 Pixels Wide
Complete Running Member Profile

250 Pixels Wide
Complete Running Member Profile

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  1. Jeanne on February 11th at 5:25 pm

    you’re funny!

    AJ=da bomb.

  2. Mark on February 11th at 6:08 pm

    Testing something.

    Mark’s last blog post..still here

  3. Nora on February 13th at 7:57 am

    Thanks for the bling-age!!

    Nora’s last blog post..Oh my god, and then she was all…and I was like…

  4. Juls Keeping Pace on February 13th at 11:10 am

    Horray for AJ!

  5. 5ksandcabernets on March 30th at 11:00 am

    Thanks AJ

    5ksandcabernets’s last blog post..I need a certain kind of barber for my nappy hair