Joan Benoit Samuelson On Running

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Running is 80 percent mental.–Joan Benoit Samuelson

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I'm a 50+ ranch woman that started running about 6 years ago to keep the fat at bay. I've run two half marathons and will probably try it again. I'm slow but that doesn't matter because I just about always run with the dog and she doesn't care as long as I get out there. I love this blog world full of runners of all different stripes. I've been entering the links in the R.B.F. for a year or so and love checking each one out as they come in. It does stress my bloglines account though because some of them I just have to keep reading.

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  1. Blaine Moore (Run to Win) on January 26th at 7:38 pm

    Everybody around here loves Joanie – the whole theater clapped when the footage of 1984 came on screen during Spirit.

    If you want some more good quotes from her, read this article: 9 Questions for Joan Benoit Samuelson

    It’s a write-up that I did of a talk she did last November at a local running store.