Poll: Are New Year’s Resolutions Helpful to Your Running?

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  1. Blaine Moore (Run to Win) on December 31st at 7:56 pm

    I’m not a fan of new year’s resolutions. I think that they are counter productive. Last year I wrote about how new years resolutions are a bad idea.

    I’m glad that I did since I considered writing it this year but then searched my archives and lo and behold, the article is already there! Heheh.

  2. John B on January 1st at 2:18 am

    Well, one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to start running, so here’s hoping! 🙂

    I don’t think there’s anything in particular wrong with New Year’s Resolutions — they are what you make of them. I think like most goals they tend to be too vague to ever really achieve, but if you set good, exact, distinct NYRs and have a real plan to accomplish them, you will.

  3. Jeanne on January 2nd at 9:56 am

    i make resolutions every year, and i’ve actually accomplished many of them–such as getting a 2nd masters degree, and running a marathon, and learning a foreign language.

    maybe i would have done these things even without making a “new year’s resolution,” but putting your intentions on paper can be a powerful motivator.

    John, I think 2008 is the year you start running!

  4. Mark Iocchelli on January 2nd at 10:20 am

    I think if you treat them like goals they can be quite effective. They’re just goals that happen to start at the beginning of a year.

    Good luck with all your resolutions/goals everyone!