December 9th Shoutout

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The most radical, powerful act ever undertaken by any human being remains the act of committing oneself, beyond reservation, to a worthy personal mission.
Christopher Childs

This week we’re bringing you 12 new reads to check out;

The Long Run
Fitness Over Forty
Athena Diaries
Visualize Whirled Me’s
Pancakes and Jam
The Road to London 2012
Running (A)Long
The Crusty Runner
Concrete vs. Asphalt
From “Back to Basics” to Marathoning
Tune-Inspired Runner

About Linda

I'm a 50+ ranch woman that started running about 6 years ago to keep the fat at bay. I've run two half marathons and will probably try it again. I'm slow but that doesn't matter because I just about always run with the dog and she doesn't care as long as I get out there. I love this blog world full of runners of all different stripes. I've been entering the links in the R.B.F. for a year or so and love checking each one out as they come in. It does stress my bloglines account though because some of them I just have to keep reading.

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