Your Running News Roundup

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hot_off_press.jpgDo you prefer white meat or dark meat? The United States produces a lot of poultry, but we are a net exporter of drumsticks and thighs (dark meat), and a net importer of breasts and wings (white meat). Part of the reason for that is the fast food industry, with its chicken nuggets, strips and tenders . No advertisement screams “100 percent dark meat!” We seem to operate under the assumption that white meat is better for you than dark meat, but is that correct? The New York Times examines the question and concludes that white meat wins on calories, but dark meat has more nutrients.

The fall racing season is behind us. As we head indoors for the holidays, our training regimens can suffer. We’ve all read about the training effect, but Gina Kolata of the New York Times examines what happens when you stop training. The good news is that a layoff over the holidays won’t hurt you as much as you might think. The Los Angeles Times writes about how gyms and trainers want to prevent the holidays from disrupting everything that you’ve achieved so far. They want to help you navigate your way past the extra cheesecake and mashed potatoes. If you can’t make it to the gym, the L.A. Times offers some hints for keeping the pounds off during the holiday season.

Many of us have “bonked,” or run out of energy during a long run or race. How do you know how much to eat and when in order to perform at your best? The Washington Post studies what we should eat, and when.

A recent study confirms what many of us suspected all along: athletes are more popular in school, while the less athletically-gifted are less popular. According to a study published in the Journal of Sport Behavior, children who had lower athletic performance said that they were more lonely in school. You can find the USA Today summary here. Before you place your baby in front of the TV for an exercise show, however, better read this piece in the Times of London, which considers what’s really best for infants.

All of us have to juggle work with running. In an effort to squeeze both in, we often cut back on the one area that we shouldn’t: sleep. USA Today examines how chronic sleep deprivation may actually impair the body’s ability to recover.

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