Tips for the Traveler

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I’ve had success and failure, and here’s my quick list of what works and what doesn’t.

1. If possible, plan your hotel location. For a client I’ve got near Baltimore, I’ve had great running trips when I stayed near a bike path/multi-use trail that I could get to safely on foot. And I’ve had
not so great trips where I’ve been hemmed in by traffic.

2. Packing – running clothes/stuff MUST go in the suitcase first. Stick the shorts and socks inside the sneakers. If you add it later, you’ll forget something vital. Add it first, and you’ll forget non-
vital stuff, such as skivvies and belts.

3. Running must get schedule priority. If you’re planning to wake up early to run, go to bed early. If you’re running after work, make sure the folks you’re visiting understand and don’t try to push
dinner earlier.

4. Travel running can be a career-enhancing move. If one of the clients/collaborators, etc, is a runner, see if you can get in a run together. You’ll see each other as more human which will help
whatever it is you’re doing.

5. Watch nutrition and hydration. Nothing’s worse than heading out for an afternoon run with a tummy still full of late lunch.

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  1. Dawn - Pink Chick on October 25th at 1:21 pm

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve been travelling a lot more this year and can add a couple more.

    First off rather then pack your running gear in the suitcase, pack it in a carry on tote. That way if they lose your luggage you still have your fav running stuff. I don’t care if they lose the rest but loose my lucky running gear and well, ya just don’t wanna know what I will do.

    Next, use GMaps to check out the area you will be staying in. Using the Hybrid tool you can see nearby trails, etc.

    If travelling with others and using a rental car, have them use the mileage counter to figure out how far a destination is from your hotel. For example we are going to watch drag races so I note how far the track is from the hotel or what point I need to run from and on the way back from the track hubby drops me off. He drives to the hotel and I run back. You get some strange looks from the hotel clerk but heh, you get your run in.

    As an alternative, many hotels are also equiped with gyms, so there’s always the dreadmill, I mean treadmill.

    And finally as an added bonus, maybe you can even meet up with some of your blogging friends so don’t forget to let them know when you’re travelling.

  2. David A. Shaver on December 18th at 5:44 am

    When running away from home I try to run out and back taking as few turns as possible to avoid getting lost. It is nice to drive the area first to avoid bad areas. In Raleigh NC where my brother lives they have some nice trails. Since they are all inside a park is almost impossible to get lost. If staying at a hotel ask about these where you are.

    David A. Shavers last blog post..Running Journal Wednesday, December 17, 2008