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The Latest on Injuries

I once injured the IT band in my left leg, then injured the IT band in my right leg. My physical therapist suggested that I had altered my stride to compensate for the injury in one leg, which led to the injury in the other leg. The Los Angeles Times explored sequential injuries, or how damage to one part of the body leads to injury in another. The data are lacking, but “common sense dictates that one injury can lead to a second one.”


The LA Times also had an interesting piece on fundraising through physical exertion. Many runners have participated in training programs organized by groups who rely on the trainees to raise money for a particular cause. Only a small percentage of the donations these runners receive come from strangers; most come from friends or family. Other athletes have staged their own projects to raise money or awareness of an issue among the general public. Some are frustrated when others don’t share their enthusiasm or passion.

I Need a Nap

My wife has long dreaded my long runs, not because of the time that I spend running, but because they wipe me out for the rest of the day. She points out that I always ended up taking a long nap, so she has to watch the kids. She’s definitely on to something. Gina Kolata of the New York Times considers a simple question: “Why is it that mild exercise can be invigorating, but strenuous endurance exercise…makes people groggy?” One explanation is that exercise releases two cytokines (interleukin 6 and tumor necrosis factor alpha) that make you drowsy. These are the same cytokines that are released when you are sick, which is why sick people tend to sleep more.

How Green was My Bike

The Washington Post showcased green fitness gear, or environmentally-friendly equipment. How about a soccer ball made from rubber from a carefully managed forest? Perhaps a bicycle made from bamboo, which is “tougher than carbon fiber in terms of impact resistance.”

Final Word on the World Championships

Although they ended two weeks ago, I’m still thinking about the World Championships. I was thrilled to see Bernard Lagat win both the 1500 and 5000 meters, a stunning achievement. Alan Webb’s eighth place finish in the 1500 meter finals was disappointing. Tim Layden of Sports Illustrated caught up with Webb after the race to find out what happened. Check out all of Layden’s reports from Osaka here.

Quick Hits

The Sacramento Bee has a short article on strengthening the knee to prevent injuries. Jeff Galloway, whose coaching methods have helped thousands complete a marathon, has co-written a new running book for women. You can find it on Amazon.

“That’s the news, goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.”

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