Product Review:Adidas Adizero PR

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I bought a pair of the Adidas Adizero PR’s as I am converting to a minimalist shoe, and let me first say that this is the first racing flat I have ever worn, even trying one on in the store. If you have never worn a racing shoe, imagine wearing a pair of ballet slippers, because that’s what they feel like on your feet (not that I know exactly what that feels like). I was a trail runner for a brief period and I am used to thick, knobby trail shoes. Running in these felt like I had nothing on my feet at all.

Each shoe weighs just 4 oz. (they weigh less than a juice box!). I thought they forgot to put them in the box when they arrived in the mail. The laces are not the typical thick running shoe laces, but rather a thin light string, like something you might see tied around a package in an old-fashioned Christmas movie. And speaking of Christmas, they only come in bright fire engine red with silver stripes. Not for those bashful about shoe color.


For those looking for a light and fast track shoe, the Adizero PR may be your shoe. The sole feels like a dense foam, and the mesh sides wrap your foot more snuggly than typical shoes, but they are still much and less restrictive and more flexible due to how thin the mesh and soles are. I usually need a larger toe pocket and these seemed to have the right amount of room. I ordered my usual size 12 and they fit perfectly. There is no arch support, but for people who are running a speedy 5K, how much arch support are you going to need?


Two things you should keep in mind. First, this shoe is designed for the track. If you run on gravel you will definitely get stones stuck in the small holes in the sole at the arch. Second, this shoe is designed for the track. Are you getting it? If you run on trails or dirt, you will definitely get sticks and stones pushed up through the holes in the bottom. And if the ground is wet, your feet will be wet very quickly.

All that said, let me say I have put over 370 miles on my Adidas Adizero PR’s, with the longest run being a 20 miler, and they are still holding strong. I have run on asphalt and concrete with an occasional run through small amounts of gravel on the roads, as well as a few runs in the rain. The laces seemed to get dirty pretty fast but they didn’t become shredded or frayed as I had expected. The materials for this shoe are light but reasonably tough for the average runner. Now if I could only get that red color to fade just a little bit.

  1. steve on September 17th at 11:01 am

    Isn’t 370 miles a bit on the high side for a shoe that’s so light and minimalistic?

    Just a thought…


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  3. Daniel on March 13th at 1:45 pm

    Steve – you can wear shoe for as many miles as is comfortable. Lifetimes are almost infinitely variable.

  4. Runner on September 23rd at 6:16 am

    I’ve worn my adiZERO PR’s for three years with over 600 miles at least and they just wore out so I need a new pair.