September 9th Shoutout

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The will to win means nothing if you haven’t the will to prepare.
Juma Ikangaa

Check out the eight new blogs we’ve listed in the R.B.F. this week;
See Corey Run: A Fitness & Nutrition Journal
Club Pretty
Tuscaloosarunner: An Experiment of One
Running My Mass Off
DelhiRunner – Moments of Joy
SheRuns~Locker Room Chatter…
Metamorphosis…from AthlEAT to Athlete

About Linda

I'm a 50+ ranch woman that started running about 6 years ago to keep the fat at bay. I've run two half marathons and will probably try it again. I'm slow but that doesn't matter because I just about always run with the dog and she doesn't care as long as I get out there. I love this blog world full of runners of all different stripes. I've been entering the links in the R.B.F. for a year or so and love checking each one out as they come in. It does stress my bloglines account though because some of them I just have to keep reading.

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