Running Skirt Blowout, Part Deux

(Read part one of our running skirt blowout.)
To review: I wore each skirt for a minimum of two runs of at least three miles each. My runs are also always on trails though that does not factor much into this review. I analyzed the length of the skirt, coverage, type of undergarment, weight, skirt material, pockets, colors, price, and more. I also did a “wet” test of the skirts to see how they would hold up in rain, etc. Since there is no rain in California this time of year I submerged them in water then put them on for the test.

In Part two of this review I’ll look at the skirts from Skirt Sports, Running Skirts and Atalanta. All of these companies have sprung up as running skirt-specific companies—though most of them offer more than just running skirts. Another thing that sets these companies apart is they all offer skirts with a built in brief—in addition to compression shorts. Personally, I prefer the brief which makes the 3 skirts below my favorites from the review.

Skirt Sports

skirtsports.jpgOne of the pioneers in running skirts, Skirt Sports was founded by triathlete Nicole DeBoom who was seeking something more feminine in running apparel. Skirt Sports offers many styles of skirts in many colors. For this review I tried the Marathon Girl and GymGirl. The GymGirl skirt comes with built-in compression shorts while the Marathon Girl offers a built-in brief. The GymGirl skirts offer a pocket in the built-in compression shorts. Not very convenient to access while running but good for holding an iPod or car key. On the other hand, the Marathon Girl skirt has a velcro-close pocket on the right hip. The GymGirl skirt is the longest in this review and the Marathon Girl is medium length. Both of these skirts are very lightweight, repelled water slightly and dried fast. (Marathon Girl: $50 US; GymGirl $58 US.)

runningskirts.jpgIdentical twins and Running Skirts Founders Cindy & Christy kindly sent me their uniquely styled Running Skirt (with built-in brief) and fuller coverage Running Skort (with built-in compression short). Both of these skirts come in a similar silky soft material and they both offer two pockets (on either hip). Their Running Skort offers the most coverage of any skirt in this review. It is also the only Skirt with compression shorts that didn’t ride up on me (though I still prefer the inner briefs). also boasts a very large range of colors. You are sure to find a style and color that fits your desire. I also really appreciated the very friendly and responsive customer service provided by Cindy and Chirsty themselves. (Running Skirt: $48 US (on sale: $24 US); Running Skort: $58 US.)

Atalanta Athleticwear

atalanta.jpgAtalanta Atheleticwear is another newer company that offered me wonderful customer service, a personal touch and sent me their Inspiration skirt to try. They also offer the Commitment skirt with built-in compression short but that was not included in this review. Atalanta, in fact, sent me the Inspiration skirt in two sizes, a green one that was a perfect fit for me, and a pink one that I gave to my friend Kayla to try. She had previously only run in the Nike Running Skirt but is now a fan of Atalanta skirts. I really enjoy running in this skirt and it has a great lightweight feel to it. Like Running Skirts, the Atalanta Skirts offer two hips pockets—though these are on the inside. The Inspiration Skirt also comes in five feisty and feminine color combinations—one of which is black and white for the less daring (or attention seeking). Unique retro-styling tops of this fantastic skirt—the last skirt in this review. ($48 US.)

New Balance, Adidas, and Golite also offer running specific skirts, but they were not included in this review.

To wrap up:
Cheapest: Moving Comfort, Hind
Most Colors: Skirt Sports, Running Skirts, Atalanta
Best Coverage: Running Skort, Hind P.E. Skort, Skirt Sports Gym Girl
Shortest: Nike, Moving Comfort
Best Water Repelling / Fast-Drying: Hind, Zoot, Skirt Sports Mesh
My favorites: Skirts Sports Marathon Girl, Running Skirt, Atalanta Inspiration Skirt

View a skirt-review table (xls file)of all the skirts reviewed in this post (opens Excel).

15 thoughts on “Running Skirt Blowout, Part Deux”

  1. Great recap! I have the zebra-print GymGirl skort from Skirt Sports (it’s going to be part of my zebra costume for the Marathon du Medoc) and I’ve found the compression shorts stay put even on long runs (17 and 23 miles respectively). It took a little getting used to having the skirt sit so low on my hips, but once I was assured the skirt wasn’t going to fall off, I was fine (I think my sweat helped keep it on!!!)

  2. I’m a huge skirt fan. I’ve tried out the Skirt Sports Gym Girl, the Marathon Girl, and New Balance. I used to love the shorts underneath the Gym Girl, but having tried the skirts with briefs I have to say that is now my favorite (no tugging the shorts down during the run…way better). wins for me based off of comfort, cut, and length of skirt. The New Balance skirt I have has compression short underneath, however they fit somewhat loose. It also does not have a pocket anywhere, and the fabric is a bit on the heavy side.

  3. I have 5 different SkirtSports skirts (2 Gym Girls, 1 SpeedSilk MarathonGirl, 1 CoolAIR MarathonGirl, and 1 RollerGirl.) I love them-my only complaint is that the sizing is all over the place, thank god for a great return policy!! I love wearing the MarathonGirl and RollerGirl skirts in races, as it’s nice not to worry about shorts riding up (I just wore the RollerGirl in the SF half and it worked great!) Pictures of all those skirts in action here 🙂

    I did try the Adidas one but wound up returning it without a test run…the sizing is all funky. I think the RunningSkirts will be next on my list (all the colors I want are currently on backorder!)

  4. Great feedback so far. Thanks! It’s comments like yours (from others out there wearing theses skirts) that really helps complete this review!

  5. Wow! Thanks for the comprehensive review and great feedback.

    Just want to note that unfortunately, atalanta’s commitment skirt was not included in the review… I have a very strong feeling the shorts on this one would have also been a pleaser. They tend to stay in place very very well indeed. If you’d like to try for yourself – you can use the promocode perfectten for a 10% discount.

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my inspiration skirt from Atalanta. It’s soo lightweight and soft. I never thought I’d run in a skirt, but now can’t see myself going back! It’s super comfy and I feel so free, bounding across the trails – like a kid all over again.

  7. Great info on the running skirts in both articles! I have ones from Nike & Adidas that both have the compression short underneath, and skirts with the brief. So far, I like them all, however, offers a lot of color selections and combinations. I never thought I would like the running shirts,but they are comfortable, and there’s that “girl-y” aspect to it. 🙂

  8. I have tried a number of different skirts, but have been happiest with my (black/pink) atalanta skirt. I have the one with the briefs and they never creep or ride up. Plus there is nothing between my legs to chafe! They have two pockets that seem to be offset to the sides more than normal which means my gels never get in the way of my hip flexors. It’s soo cute and fun.

  9. I thought I was crazy at my last race. I didn’t realize that running skirts existed. I thought those poor girls had wandered into the tennis section. Thanks for straightening me out. I might just go buy one this weekend and try it out.

  10. Thank you so much for your review! I didn’t know running skirts were available, but I love the idea of being a more feminine runner. I am going to try your advice and buy some of the favorites to try out. This helped me along to figure out where to start and what to look for!
    Thanks again!

  11. I normally wear long compression shorts because, not being blessed with long, lean legs, everything else tends to make me chafe, no matter how heavily I slather on the Body Glide. I’d like to try the skirts out, but I’m worried about chafing. Are the attached shorts long enough?

  12. Love the information! I just spent a couple of hours researching skirts, and your information was great!

    It would be nice to see these skirts on all body types though . . . some of the sites only show the skirt itself.

    susan’s last blog post..By: Marci G

  13. This is so helpful! Researching gear for an upcoming event and this was exactly what I needed. The summary spreadsheet is a blessing (I’m an accountant by trade and you know how we LOVE to put things in spreadsheets!!) Thanks! 🙂

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