On the Road With Complete Running: Bermuda

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St. George’s, Bermuda. Ding! The ship’s computer cheerfully acknowledges my existence.

The smiling crew member hands my key card back to me.

Thank you Dianna, have a nice morning!

It’s Wednesday, July 11th and I’m standing on King’s Wharf in St. George’s, Bermuda. I step off the cruise ship, take a deep breath and realize that paradise comes with a cost—heat and humidity. It’s only 7:30 a.m. and it’s already close to 80°F with 90 percent humidity. As if on cue, the ocean breeze washes over me, reminding me that paradise holds many treasures to those who stop and pay attention.

ship.jpgView of ship.

I leave the wharf and push up the hill towards an unfinished church. Even though the sun is up, I can still hear the sounds from last night’s peepers (and other creatures) calling out to me from the dense stands of trees and bushes.

Cautiously, I pick my way up the street, running on the right-hand side of the road, which is into traffic for this U.K. colony. I feel a bit backwards. As I approach each crooked side street, I slow slightly, listening for cars and scooters. It’s too early for the often-heard friendly “beep-beep” of vehicles as they approach each other, so I rely on engines sounds to guide me.

street.jpgCobblestone street.

I crest the first big hill, glide by the golf course, and soak up the view of Tobacco Bay as I descend the hill. The road narrows, and I am grateful for the lack of traffic, as I am unsure that there would be room enough for both a car and my body on the road at the same time. Quickly, Achilles Bay and Fort St. Catherine are upon me, and I pause to evaluate the spot for our afternoon beach plans.

Pushing on, the road becomes quieter, with only the sound of the crashing waves against rocks filling my ears. My nose detects a farm close by, and it does not disappoint; I switch to mouth-breathing to quell my turning stomach, and smile at the goats and cows gathered around in groups, enjoying breakfast. Chickens and roosters run to and fro in their busy fashion (and I learn later, they can be seen all over the island in great abundance).


Alexandra Battery comes in to view, and I stop to explore the shallow caves near the beach as I had read that sea glass likes to collect there by the fist full. Sure enough, sea glass sparkles all over beach, with odd bits of pottery and china thrown in with the typical brown, green and white glass remnants.

Back on the road, and around a bend, to the small fort at the Town Cut where the Town Crier greeted our ship upon our arrival yesterday. Again I pause, this time to explore Gate’s Fort for a moment and take in the spectacular view.

The last stretch of road rewards me with a downhill past the pastel colored Bermudian homes, with their rain-catching white-washed roofs shining brightly with sun light.

fort.jpgView of fort.

As I get closer to the town center, more cars, buses and scooters zip past. I duck into a small public garden for a quick loop around, admiring the wide variety of flowers and plants. Hibiscus and oleander are everywhere, with their red, pink and yellow colors lighting up even the darkest corners.

One more quick loop down the cobblestoned Water street, and I head back towards the ship. My watch reminds me that I am not accustomed to running in the heat and humidity, nor is my vacation diet of rich foods and wines doing much for my pace. Nevertheless, I am pleased with myself for making time for the run, knowing that it afforded me the chance to see and hear things that I would certainly miss if I were traveling in a vehicle.

A perfect way to start a day in paradise.


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Dianna, also known as the Running Chick with the Orange Hat (Running Chick for short) moved from being a periodic gym rat to a runner in January of 2003 during a botched New Year's resolution. Her newly rediscovered fondness for running quickly blossomed into a full-blown obsession. Within a year and a half, she went from suffering through two miles on the treadmill to running a marathon. Cotton was discarded for wicking fabrics and gel was no longer something she put in her hair. Since then, she has continued to challenge herself, first with achieving her Boston Qualifying time, then running a PR at Boston and doing an occasional sprint distance triathlon. Future endeavors include a trail marathon and longer distance triathlons. Dianna has been blogging about her running adventures since April 2004, even getting an article 'published' online at Runner's World as well as capturing the attention of a local news channel. She can discuss all things related to running, swimming, and biking, at great length, without ever getting bored. In her free time, she enjoys pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, with her husband and multi-racial canine in Connecticut, U.S.A.

  1. FitSugar on July 30th at 11:28 am

    Wow! That looks beautiful and inspirational.

  2. Jeanne on July 30th at 4:17 pm

    i wish i were in paradise right now…paradise … is a state of mind. rinse, repeat.