Five Good Reasons to Get Out the Door

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1) Runners are sexy – with the possible exception of swimmers, there’s no one with better bods out there. Great legs, tiny buns, and a little bit of upper body that you can’t get with cycling.

2) Runners are low-maintenance. Shoes, road, and … well, that’s it.


3) Runners are sociable – think about all the aerobic zone training advice we get – “You should be able to carry on a conversation while running”. See, if we’re talking, we’re being sociable.

4) Runners are nice to children and dogs – tough to run over little kids when you’re running, and dogs make great running partners – they listen while you talk (See #3 above)

5) Runners pick up litter – Don’t you usually end your runs by dropping off something in the trash can? Makes the world a nicer place.

Run well!

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Jank is the nom-de-plume (alias) of Bill Jankowski. Jank is a runner (defined as “one who runs”, without any necessary claims of athleticism). More accurate would be to say that he enjoys the company of his iPod, and goes to great lengths to get long periods of time alone with his thoughts. Plus, running is a wonderful way to keep his ego in check. He’s been physically active since he was a kid (assuming that, for the years 1995-1999 and 2001-2003, drinking counts as “active”), playing Soccer, Flag Football, Basketball, and Softball while in college (for his fraternity’s B-team)(Actually, add 1990-1994 to the years of inactivity). In addition to running, Jank swims (controlled drowning), bikes (’cause his mom suggested he play in traffic as a kid), and kayaks (see swimming, but with sharks and props). An engineer by the grace of God, a (recovering) submariner by the graces of the taxpayers of the United States, and an MBA by mistake, Bill enjoys gear (oooh, shiny!), cycling (oooh, shiny bikes and clothes!), and poking at accepted ideas with a pointy stick. In 2004, Jank decided he didn’t want to go full-over to being fat, and took up running (instead of stopping eating). In 2005, he finished his first marathon (WooHoo!) in October, and his second two weeks later (dumb idea). He is still recovering. Bill lives in Connecticut (the poorer, eastern part) with his lovely wife Melissa (who is far more fit than he is and way less navel-gazing about it), and their two sons, Jake and Nate, who, in addition to having deliberately cool names, are the finest children to grace the Earth (clear proof that “evolution through natural selection” is bunk; although he still questions the monthly bill for “Pool Boy” despite not having a swimming pool). His rants can be found at; his best stuff is found here at CRN.

  1. Karen in Calgary on July 25th at 7:21 pm

    Runners make good dog catchers too (see #4). This morning on my run I helped a woman catch her stray pooch, and that’s not the first time I’ve done that for someone.

  2. jkrunning on July 26th at 10:23 am

    Swimmers do have great bodies. Hmmmmm.

  3. Sasha on July 10th at 4:37 am

    A Great post on Pets here dude, I own a cute little puppy and she is the best of all.. Takes me to the olden times when she used to be so small she used to fit in my palm 🙂