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Most of this week I spent my time volunteering as part of the HSBC Calgary Marathon race committee. Sunday was the big day. One of my favorite events is the Kid’s Marathon. The kids get roughly 5 weeks to do 25.2 miles and then on race day they run the last mile. Each kid gets a great race package, a shirt and a medal.

What’s great to see is the number of kids ranging from little tots to 16+ running this event. There is a tremendous turnout every year. It was my granddaughter’s fourth time in the event. She’ll be 6-years-old in August. This year she added yet another medal and a PR to her collection with a finishing time of 7:12 and a pace of 6:00/km. Wish I could run that fast. By the way it’s a chip-timed event and this year they staggered the start with the older kids starting out first and each group following by roughly two minutes. The first few crossed the line in just over four minutes. Those are some speedy children.
So yes I’m a proud grandmother but what really makes me happy is seeing more and more young kids getting out there and being active.

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  1. Stephen on July 9th at 3:05 pm

    That sounds like a great event. Put a smile on my face :).

    But some of these kids are running 4 minute miles? What? Maybe I just read it wrong…

  2. Jeanne on July 9th at 4:44 pm

    what a terrific event! i wish they’d had this when my kid was young(er).

  3. Jon (was) in Michigan on July 11th at 5:50 am

    Save that pic. You’ll want it next to the one where she’s wearing Olympic gold. 🙂

  4. Dawn on the Run » Kid’s Marathon - Race Report on July 15th at 1:41 pm

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  5. Babs on September 22nd at 3:41 pm

    My 7 yr old son is doing this — we did mile 14 this AM. He does the last mile at the Denver Marathon on 10/13. I’m so proud of his dedication and focus. He’s not fast – he has asthma and has to stop a lot, but he keeps on going. Looking forward to the event with Kids Running America.