Running Fast and Forever

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Last week Daniel Komen ran the fastest ever mile on American soil at the Prefontaine Classic in Oregon. It was not a world record but it was a blazing sub 4 mile – 3:48.28 to be exact.

When I looked up the Prefontaine Classic’s history I discovered that Daniel Komen still holds the World’s Record for the 2 mile at 7:58.61, a record he set 10 years ago. So in 10 years the guy has barely slowed down at all. Of course when it comes to setting world records a 100th of a second is significant but when you think of his performance relative to what you and I do he has appreciably kept the same pace.

So keep running! You aren’t getting older – you are getting better, year by year.

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I found myself at the age of 38 the single full time working mother of 3 small children. I took up running because I figured I could get the biggest benefit in the least amount of time. Swearing never to run a marathon I found myself going out for a 4 - 6 mile run several times a week. I ran my first marathon 6 years later. Five years after that I ran another and then the next year another. Then I got bit by the triathlon bug so now I split my time between running, swimming and cycling. This year I think I'll run another marathon. And next year - who knows?

  1. Mark Iocchelli on June 16th at 8:47 am

    What’s really amazing about Daniel is that he basically disappeared shortly after his 2 mile record. It’s scary to think what he would have done if he’d kept on competing.

    Still, he’s still young enough to do some great things.

  2. kara on June 16th at 9:37 am


  3. Adeel on June 16th at 6:19 pm

    That’s not the same person.

    Daniel Kipngetich Komen, now 31, is the legendary world record-holder at 3,000 m and 2 miles. He hasn’t run on the international stage in five years and hasn’t performed at his world-beating level since 1998.

    Daniel Kipchirchir Komen won the Bowerman Mile in Eugene this weekend. He’s a great runner himself, with bests of 3:29/7:31, but he’s unfortunately the second-best runner named Daniel Komen.

    Daniel Kipngetich Komen has been rumoured to be making a comeback for almost as long as he’s been out of the sport.

  4. 21stCenturyMom on June 16th at 8:56 pm

    Doh! Thanks Adeel. Good thing someone around here really knows about runners!

    In any case we can all still strive to keep improving, regardless of the reason.

  5. Adeel on June 17th at 7:06 am

    Yeah, I don’t think it matters too much. The video and the one of his 3,000 world record are scary. He makes it look so ordinary that you’d think someone would come close to those times in ten years.

  6. Jeanne on June 18th at 8:43 am

    Adeel, your knowledge is boundless!