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flocasts.jpgThere is no television station dedicated to running, but take comfort in Flocasts, which is the next closest thing. The site features collegiate and elite-level races from the United States in their entirety. Flocasts also offers interviews that are almost too up close and personal, capturing athletes moments after their races. Among the races covered by Flotrack just this year are the Millrose Games, the Boston Marathon, the Penn Relays, the Reebok Grand Prix and the Prefontaine Classic, which took place just this past weekend.

Running is an anomalous modern-day sport in that its fans may know everything about the stars of the sport but have never seen them run. The connection between fans and athletes, far too often, consists of a results page online. That page, of course, can never tell the story of how the race went, nor the strain in the third lap of a 3:50 mile. Needless to say, very few people follow elite-level distance running: it might be easier to just become a world-class runner.

Flocasts is unable to provide race footage where those races are televised and instead posts interviews. Seeing athletes that were once names on a web page speak candidly about their races and their hopes for the season allows us to appreciate them as individuals and become fans. It might be hard to be a fan of a name on a page, but it’s hard not to be a fan of Craig Mottram after seeing him run and then speak.

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