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We’re back again this week with eight new entries in the R.B.F. Please click on a link and welcome someone into the fold. My Run Log Running Dutch Girls Just Wanna Run Juan Pedregosa Run Central Indiana Rich is Running TriSethTri From Couch to Marathon About Linda I’m a 50+ ranch woman that started running […]

About Linda

I'm a 50+ ranch woman that started running about 6 years ago to keep the fat at bay. I've run two half marathons and will probably try it again. I'm slow but that doesn't matter because I just about always run with the dog and she doesn't care as long as I get out there. I love this blog world full of runners of all different stripes. I've been entering the links in the R.B.F. for a year or so and love checking each one out as they come in. It does stress my bloglines account though because some of them I just have to keep reading.