Paula Radcliffe – Olympic Hopeful with the Heart of a Lion

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One of my favorite sayings is “Fall down seven times, get up eight”. It’s what anyone trying to do something difficult needs to keep in mind. We all stretch ourselves to reach new goals and sometimes we fail and the only real antidote to failure is to put the disappointment behind us and just keep pushing.

No one typifies this attitude better than Paula Radcliffe. Paula has been a world class runner since she was 19 years old and placed 7th in the World Championships. The very next year she suffered a foot injury and was sidelined for a year. Undaunted she worked again to place in the top 5 in the Worlds for several years in a row and then gained ground to become a World record holder and to qualify for the Olympic games in Athens in 2004.

Sadly, she suffered a leg injury in the weeks before the race and then developed GI issues in response to the anti-inflammatory drugs she was given. She is a champion though and nothing would keep her from the starting line. This video is about her bravery and her struggle in that race. Although the setback in this race was a bitter pill to swallow, swallow it she did and 3 months later went on to win the New York Marathon.

Her indomitable spirit and her will to fight to the finish is an inspiration and we wish her well as she trains for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

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I found myself at the age of 38 the single full time working mother of 3 small children. I took up running because I figured I could get the biggest benefit in the least amount of time. Swearing never to run a marathon I found myself going out for a 4 - 6 mile run several times a week. I ran my first marathon 6 years later. Five years after that I ran another and then the next year another. Then I got bit by the triathlon bug so now I split my time between running, swimming and cycling. This year I think I'll run another marathon. And next year - who knows?

  1. Jim Turnbull on June 2nd at 10:48 am

    I have always thought Paula’s win in NY marathon was one of the best performances by a British athlete. If ever there was an example of picking yourself up, putting the past behind you and (re)proving what a champion you are then that was it. She never fails to be an inspiration to me

  2. CBautista on June 4th at 8:31 am

    Paula truly personifies the stuff that champions are made of.

  3. Melisa (Irish Blue) on June 4th at 10:25 am

    Thanks. Sometimes it helps to know that even the best runners can have a bad day.

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