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One of my favorite sayings is “Fall down seven times, get up eight”. It’s what anyone trying to do something difficult needs to keep in mind. We all stretch ourselves to reach new goals and sometimes we fail and the only real antidote to failure is to put the disappointment behind us and just keep […]

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I found myself at the age of 38 the single full time working mother of 3 small children. I took up running because I figured I could get the biggest benefit in the least amount of time. Swearing never to run a marathon I found myself going out for a 4 - 6 mile run several times a week. I ran my first marathon 6 years later. Five years after that I ran another and then the next year another. Then I got bit by the triathlon bug so now I split my time between running, swimming and cycling. This year I think I'll run another marathon. And next year - who knows?