Charity-o-Rama for June 1st, 2007!

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Charity-o-Rama took a short break, but is now back!

First up is a CRN contributor: Dawn on the Run (aka the “Pink Chick”)!

Dawn says:

Call me crazy but I just signed up to run a race in my underwear—The Underwear Affair, 10k Run/5k Walk on June 9th. Okay, so I’m chicken and will likely wear boxers and a tank top but then again, who knows. The event is a fundraiser for cancers below the waist. Some of you may recall my Mom was diagnosed with colon cancer last year. Thankfully she is a survivor and is doing well. Cancer touches the lives of so many anything, if there is anyway I can help, including running in my PJs, it is just something I have to do. And heh, just think of all the great photo ops there will be…

All participants must raise a minimum of $300 or they don’t get to run that day and they don’t get to party with the rest of the runners and walkers. I hate to miss a good run or a good party so if you wanna see me run in my boxers and all the other great photos I’ll post then hop on over to my fundraising page and help me get there.

Dawn needs to raise $1,000 and she’s almost there! Let’s help get her over the top.


Kristen and Andy are walking to raise money for the National MS Society. Their goal is $3,000; they’ve raised $250 so far, but have a long way to go before their three-day event on Sept. 7, 8, 9, 2007.

Kristen writes

I (Kris) have done small walks for the Boston Children’s Hospital in the past and I wanted to do something bigger this year. I never knew much about MS until recently when I had a series of tests done to rule out MS as the cause of the tingling and numbness I’ve been experiencing for the past year. I was relieved to learn that I do not have MS but it got me thinking about how terrifying it would be to have the disease. I can’t imagine suddenly being unable to move my legs or arms. The disease is so unpredictable that suffers can’t really prepare for it; they never know what to expect or when their condition will worsen. A few weeks ago, I started hearing radio ads for the MS Challenge Walk. They said “Walk for Someone Who Can’t” and I thought that was a wonderful idea. I’m lucky to have Andy’s support and am happy to have him as a walking buddy.

You can donate to their good cause here.


Seth Rosen of TriSethTri: The 4/For/Four Campaign To Support Malaria No More writes:

Malaria kills millions of people each year but it is entirely preventable! A $10 bed net can save the lives of up to three people,
less then a week of coffee at Starbucks. I am raising $4,000 for 400 bed nets for Malaria No More by running the 2007 Chicago Marathon on October 7, 2007. Please sponsor me today and make a real difference in the fight against malaria.

Donate to this great cause here.


If you’ve ever had to raise a lot of money for a worthy cause you know how hard it can be. I can tell you from personal experience that even the smallest amounts are very much appreciated! If you want to see all the Charity-o-Ramas, just click on the fundraising/ charity link above. Then take the next step and donate! You’ll be glad you did.

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