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Tired of boring and dull race reports? Then you need to make your way over to The Run Down. This growing site with talented writers puts a whole new spin on race reporting. Currently the site recaps ultra-marathons (and only in California so far), but as the audience grows so to will the scope and variety of the reports.

Site excerpt: “In a way, I feel sorry for the lead runners. How many times do they have to say ‘looking good’ to half-dead zombies going the opposite direction? It’s really like telling a migrating salmon you know is going die to have a nice day. It doesn’t really make much sense, though I understand the good intention. Akos is the consummate professional but you know he sees some of us and thinks, ‘Maybe lawn bowling would be a good sport for you.’ Now, after also winning the Lake Hodges 50K, I wonder if Akos will be going for the San Diego Triple Crown by winning the San Diego 100. Being the big-purse sport that ultra running is, I’ve heard that winning all three ultras gets you a digitally re-mastered copy of ‘Howard the Duck.’ Wow, what motivation.”

Some recent races The Run Down has covered include:
PCT 50 Mile
Leona Divide 50 Mile
San Juan Trail 50K
Lake Hodges 50K

The Run Down may be entertaining, but it is also informative. It is a great stop to find out what REALLY happened at a race, and maybe to do a little research on an event you plan on running. There is nothing like doing a little homework and getting some laughs in the process!

About Jessica

Jessica lives in Orange County, CA, home to hundreds of miles of trails and 30% green space along with the Santa Ana Mountain Range. After moving to California from artic Minnesota in January of 2005, she quickly became addicted to trail running, and upon meeting Dean Karanzes at a book signing was inspired to run her first marathon, and subsequently ultra marathon. She completed here first 50K race in July of 2006 and has 50 and 100 mile aspirations. In a short amount of time, Jessica has been active in the Orange County running scene by re-igniting the Saddleback church running group, founding a trail running group, and starting in 2007 launching a series of trail races throughout the county, beginning with the Twin Peak Ultra Marathon in February. In 2002, Jessica had open-heart surgery to repair a leaky mitral valve. Aside from running, Jessica is also a published author and an independent filmmaker. She works as an Information Security Engineer and part time at the flagship Nike Women store. When not out on the trails, working, blogging, writing, making films, or promoting races, Jessica can be found relaxing with her friends at the movies, lounging by the pool, or sharing a tasty meal and a good bottle of wine.

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