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gotblogannouncement.jpgCRN wants people to know about your running blog. That’s why we’ve partnered with FeedBurner to create ways to help people find you.

We have four tools you can use to promote your blog. The first tool is our newly relaunched Recent Running Blog Posts (aka “Recents”) page. Each time members of this page publish a post on their blog, the headline and an excerpt from their post shows up on the Recents page. And guess what? People who visit the Recents page will find those bloggers.

The other three tools are widget/gadgets. These tools share functionality with Recents but they are portable – they can be placed on other blogs or web sites.

The three widgets we’ve created so far (we intend on adding more in the future) are the CRN Power Running Widget, the Running Blog Recents Widget and our Race Calendar Widget.

What’s important to note in the CRN Power Widget is the “Latest RBF Posts” tab. That’s where your headlines could show up if you choose to make that happen. Same thing goes for the Running Blog Recents and Race Calendar widgets. Your headlines could go in them too.

As mentioned above, the widgets are portable. Meaning they work on other blogs and web sites. The Power Widget even works on Google’s home page. So, if your headlines are on those widgets, they have the potential to be seen by thousands of people!

So now you’re wondering, “How do I get in on this”? Here’s how:

  1. Get yourself a FeedBurner feed. They are free, easy to set up, and there’s no obligation to continue if you decide later not to keep it. Also, it will not, in any way, hurt your existing feed.
  2. Tell us here that your feed is ready to go and that you’d like to join the party!
  3. We’ll send you an invitation.
  4. You accept the invitation.
  5. From that moment forward (or until you decide otherwise), your posts will appear on the “Recents” page and in our widgets.

Have we mentioned this is free? Have we mentioned it’s easy? Have we mentioned there’s no commitment? And have we mentioned we’re trying to help people find your blog?

Yeah? Well then, what are you waiting for?

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