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keflezighi_blog_photo.jpgRunner’s World recently got into the blogosphere with some fine blogs written by elite athletes and people close to the elites. Check out blogs by:

  1. Meb Keflezighi
  2. Deena Kastor
  3. Dean Karnazes (this one’s an old blog that chronicles Dean’s 50 in 50 milestone)
  4. Kirstin Armstrong’s Mile Markers (Lance Armstrong’s ex-wife). Edit: Thomas correctly pointed out Kirstin is not an elite runner. Of course, I know that – I goofed in the editing of the title for this article which was supposed to include a reference to “Famous” people involved with running.
  5. Amby Burfoot’s Footloose

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  1. Thomas on May 9th at 7:16 am

    How can you count Kirstin Armstrong as en elite runner???

  2. Mark Iocchelli on May 9th at 7:28 am

    My bad. When I started writing this piece, I started with the title, “Elite and Famous Runner Blogs”. Kirsten is close to a famous person who runs.

  3. Jon (was) in Michigan on May 10th at 6:38 am

    I HATE Kristin Armstrong.

    The ONLY reason anyone even knows her name is because of who she married. Her first three articles in Runner’s World had a line similar to “When I was married to Lance…”. Talk about milking someone else’s fame.

    And then she wrote that article about running a marathon.

    Yeah, how hard was it, Kristin? You had two personal training buddies that set up your entire race plan for you and came and got you every day when it was time to run. They set your pace, told you when and how far to run. Did they tell you when to pee? A million other runners have run a marathon without the level of support you had, Kristin. Their marathon story should be in the magazine, not Lance’s ex-wife’s story.

    Everytime I see her articles in RW I rip the page out. Rodale’s totally jumped the shark when they hired her in as a writer.

  4. Andrea on May 15th at 9:02 am

    I disagree. Good for Kristin that she found a healthy way to blow off some steam and focus her energy on when she went through what must have been a horrible, painful divorce (just like any). No matter how much “help” you think she had, she was the one putting one foot in front of the other through every training run, on through the marathon – not her personal trainer friends. She’s lucky to have their support, but she deserves all the the credit she’s been given for her running and writing. I really enjoy reading her articles.

  5. Tina on January 28th at 4:07 pm

    I qualify Kristen Armstrong as a famous runner not just being close to a famous runner. Those of us moms struggling to balance our families with our passion for running think of Kristen as an idol and an inspiration… a lot more deserving of the famous status then say the people from “Jersey Shore” who are “celebrities”. Although I agree that she is not “elite” in the speed qualification.