Announcing: Complete Running Forums!

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We apologize to those of you who got our newsletter and have already heard about this. To those of you who did not get our newsletter, what are you waiting for? Visit our sign-up page so you don’t miss any cool stuff we’ve got in the works! On to today’s announcement…
forumbubble.jpgOne of the things most often requested of us is to provide a discussion area. Well folks, you got it! The CRN Forum is open for business and is awaiting your brilliant conversational abilities. And it has the coolest feature – an RSS subscribe feed!

What makes this forum special is that we think it will become the meeting place for our readers and for members of the Running Blog Family. CRN would like to thank Aaron Engelsrud for creating this special place. Thank you Aaron.

Pay our forum a visit and introduce yourself! We’re eagerly waiting to hear from you.

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